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Hey Gimians ..
This is the thread which I always wanted
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Hey...any idea when the results of interviews be declared ?
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    Hi.. I have my GIM GDPI on 11th Match.. how has been the process till now.. what all should I prepare for? Also, howz the overall GIM experience..seniors pls comment..
    mayurnayak84 Hi There... This is not the right thread for asking any k.... 05 Mar.
    mayurnayak84 GIM GD- PI Experiences 2014-16 under Forums ->XAT,SNAP.... 05 Mar.
    @severus_snape Its been long we heard from you. Kuch Likhiye Sir. Ye forum forum soona soona sa lag raha.
    mayurnayak84 @tanmoych : @severus_snape Aajkal kahi pe HR ke gyaan .... 27 Feb.
    Sitting in the office, in front of my laptop, I was immersed in a zillion excel sheets when suddenly boss appeared and reminded my team about the fact that the project is getting delayed and we need to buck up. “Yes Sir, we will” is what we said, almost in unison . I gazed towards my laptop and ...
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    Ribandar Talk session with Mr. Mahesh Murthy
    Samarthan, a student initiative at GIM under the centre for social sensitivity and action recently conducted a conference on Solid waste management. The event saw active participation from students, faculty and renowned personalities alike.
    hello all,one of my friend scored 78.05 percentile in CAT.He is willing to fill the form of BIMTECH, noida. Hw is the college....should he fill or not..please reply....because today is the last date to fill the form... thanks
    rajatbhat @yashMBA This is not the correct forum for your query.. 26 Jan.
    hello @avinashkrjha , im a 22 years old commerce graduate with two years work ex in Marketing. can u shed some light on PGDM in healthcare management?? tapmi n GIM provide it..
    rajatbhat @sarab088 we dont have any cut offs to disclose as yet. L.... 01 Feb.
    davidwatson1212 @tarun3131 @sarab088 Guys, this ithread is meant for li.... 01 Feb.
    Each sunset is different at GIM !
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    Ambitiousgal12 This picture is mind blowing @rajatbhat . 21 Jan.
    One of the most memorable days of my life would be last Thursday i.e 16th Jan, 2014. As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibilty project, my team handles a small goverment school near Ribander, Union Public High School. Since we have already spent 17 thursdays with the children, the bond that...
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    Hello everyone... !!
    How are you guys doing? How is GIM? PGP2's must be enjoying their last few days at the campus. And PGP1's must be making preparations for final term and the summer internship project.
    What's the update on front of SCOPES (Operations Club)? How is it doing now? I hope, i...
    avinashkrjha @koolkalyani good to hear that.. :D . 19 Jan.
    Ambitiousgal12 @avinashkrjha SCOPES is coming up with the Beer Game nex.... 21 Jan.
    The harvest festival of Lohri is celebrated with traditional fervour and enthusiasm in most parts of Northern India. Lohri was celebrated on campus with loads of gusto as students staged energetic performances. Also on offer were lip smacking punjabi delicacies such as paneer tikka, butter chicke...
    GIM Application deadline extended by a day in view of the server issues on the 31st of December.
    Anybody(not necessarily a goan) whose total family income(including their own) is less than 4.5 lakh can apply for the tution fee waiver.
    yashMBA @Ambitiousgal12 thank you ..!!!!. 02 Jan.
    what is tution fee waiver scheme and what is the criterion to apply for it ? as i'm filling the form of GIM (goa institute of management) and is it necessary to be qualified from goa only to be applicable for this scheme???? please help me out ..!!!!!!