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Hey there fellow DMS junta...
I know after our busy schedules of work n fun, we dont really get time to jot down our collective thoughts, but a thread like this can act as a good start to talk about life @ DMS and will also serve another purpose of enlightening the JMET aspirants.
Well to ...
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Salona Chandna from the Batch of 2013 says
"Step into a new world, the field is wide open,
The perfect blend of knowledge and fun, seamlessly interwoven,
Work ain't an obligation, ain't a burden, not anymore,
A channel for the passion, the desire to be more...
At every breath new ...
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Ayshwar from the Batch of 2013 says
"1. A temple of unexplored opportunities, u shall experience osumness!
2. m loving it..y isn't PG for 4 years instead o grads :D
3. Brilliant faculty, out o the world infra, superb mates & their
innumerable initiatives..couldn't hav askd 4 more!"
Phew! Sigh! These two words have been always on the tip of my tongue since the day I came into the department. DMS has kept me on toes, from day one. Right from the word go, the seniors made sure that we learnt something before we actually faced the real music when the classes started. Induction ...
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Quotes from the current batch:
Vadivel from the Batch of 2013 says "Who said opportunity never knocks your door twice? Come to DMS and your door will be banged with opportunities round the clock.
In DMS, Ways are shown, Doors are opened and Ladders provided. With Highly experienced staff gu...
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There's always been a lot of buzz around ERP and the value it brings to businesses. But what exactly is ERP? How does it benefit businesses, particularly small and medium size organizations? to continue reading please visit Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi
Education is not only the driving force for a leader to move ahead in life but also the motivation to take an occasional pause and reflect back, connect with ones alma mater and share the richness of ones journey. The Annual Alumni Meet of the Delhi Chapter of DMS, IIT Delhi proved to be that pau...
Someone has rightly said that, every great idea needs its champion! As we shape the change and find our path for the next two decades, we also search for that all-important ingredient at the top leadership.
for more please check Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi: February 2011
The mission of post-graduate educational institutions, business schools included, is to impart cutting-edge knowledge. This knowledge is generated through research. But what really constitutes research in a business school? for more go to Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi: February 2011
A very nice and informative article on DMS, IIT Delhi. The article highlights various aspects of DMS like placements, infrastructure, mba programmes, etc.
HT Horizon
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On 26th November we had Mr. Punit Malik, Managing Director (Capital Finance) from Yes Bank to share his views about PPP in India, particularly in infrastructure domain. The guest lecture, one of the many held on campus as a part of the Idea Series focused on various aspects of PPP in the infrastr...
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As the global workforce struggles to keep pace with hiring needs, demands for talented employees exceeds the supply, leaving many organizations wondering what strategies to adopt to ensure that they can retain and even expand their workforces to maintain competitive advantage.
On 17th, Novembe...
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The SIDBI program @ IIT Delhi has been created with the assistance of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) through a corpus fund. The activities of the SIDBI program include organisation of programs such as Management Skill Program, Program for Entrepreneurial Ventures, Skill-cum-te...
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A minor correction:
the link for DMS Website : Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi - Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi
Continuing from where the eminent visiting faculty left during his last lecture regarding the impact of exchange rate on economies worldwide, Dr. Vinay said that fluctuations in the exchange rate exert a powerful impact on exports, imports and the trade balance. A high and rising exchange rate te...
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The quality of education being imparted at any b school has a direct correlation with the quality of permanent and visiting faculty it has. At Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi guest lectures from industrialexperts are an integral part of regular academics. On 12th Nov, 2010 we had amon...
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Continuing the tradition of providing its students a platform to interact and learn from some of the most experienced and eminent personalities of the contemporary industrial world, the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi organized its flagship event, Building India Inc (BII) - 2010on 30t...
The Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi conducted the 2nd international conference on Excellence in School Education focusing on the following dimensions: Leadership, Systems and Processes and Curricula, Pedagogy and Assessment. The 3 day event was concluded on 28th October,2010 where ...
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The alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) will converge on October 29th,2010 to discuss means to achieve sustainable growth at the sixth Pan-IIT Conclave. The 3 day mega event will be inaugurated by Honourable President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil. Some of the key speakers are lis...
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The Department of Management Studies in sync with its philosophy of constant and productive interactions with the corporate world, is organising its flagship event 'Building India Inc.' This two day event intends to bring together the corporate, the academia, and the students in pursuit of discus...
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IIT Delhi organized its annual Cultural extravaganza, Rendezvous 2010 on 21st -24th October 2010. Rendezvous 2010 was unique in many senses as it is part of golden jubilee celebrations of IIT, Delhi. Many new things were organized for the first time like Stunt performances by MTV stuntmania final...
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