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Hi guyz,
Well its been quite a few months since i have been here at BIM. Having lived all my life in Delhi and Pune , Trichy was a surprise package for me. A calm place but a very beautiful n scenic city is a refreshing place for anyone to come to.
BIM was the most important surprise here....
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Yesterday can be called a 'Red' Day with a majority of us wearing red to mark the colourful countdown to Sangam. Had a photoshoot with PGP1 and it has come out well thanks to Karthikeyan and his photography skills.
Today's theme colour is Blue and there's a good mix of both light and dark blu...
"Colours" is the theme for Sangam this year. Tomorrow's theme is 'Red' and Kalaicom has asked everyone of us to wear red tomorrow. Just remembered that I'd been wearing red during the last three days and even yesterday while umpiring, I was wearing red.
PGP2 won the exhibition match held earlier today. Had a great time umpiring in the match. Played a practice game after that in the new pitch with runs on all sides. In the meantime, did a small video shoot for Sangam.
Going to umpire in the Exhibition match between PGP1 and PGP2 this evening. Prelude to the upcoming cricket tournament, BIM Premier League. Pitch is relaid, rolled and looks like a great surface to bat on. Can't wait for the evening.
That time of the year when all the committees are busy working : : Kalaicom for Sangam, Messcomm for special convocation dinner, Sportscomm for cricket tournament with Bismarc and Finclub in tow.
Went through a 45-minute aerobic workout this evening. Doing the workout was hard and painful but...
11 more days to go!!!
Convocation and Sangam'12 beckons!!!
Lookin forward to goin back to BIm..sigh!! i've been BIM-sick!!
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Athenaeum is derived from the Greek word Athenion, meaning, the temple of Goddess Athena. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and of course civilization itself. The Athenion temple of ancient Greece also symbolized the place where scholars congregated to deliberate and nurture philosoph...
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Watching the Indian batting collapse in Perth is definitely not the right way to celebrate Pongal. But life goes on, we move on and am gearing up for the final 3 months of my academic life. Leaving to Trichy on 17th night in a multi-axle Volvo . Consumer Behaviour class first-up on 18th.
Vacation Time:-
Enjoying a lot with my loved ones while counting of days has already started.
Had a wonderful train journey to Chennai last evening with most of my friends travelling with me. A different experience considering that I usually travel alone in a bus. Hope for a rocking 10 days of vacation before the final term of college life sets upon me.
one more day to go.Tomo last exam IBE for 2nd years and CF-I for 1st years.Holidays start from tomo 7th Jan and it goes on till 17th
Can't believe 2011 is done and dusted with and 2012 is here. Time has flown very fast. Lots of good things to look back at and hoping lots more will happen this year.
3 more exams and then it'll be Destination Homeward.
Had a wonderful New year celebrations,thanks to Kalaicom 28.... It was an awesome evening in the middle of excruciating 5th trimester end terms. Had a wonderful after a real long time.
Looks like cyclone Thane is showing its mini-trailer here in Trichy. After days of cold nights (with temperatures dipping to 10 degrees on some days), the rains have come out again. Continuous rains means another trip to the flowing-in-full-force Cauvery river bridge.
Went to Samayapuram temp...
Have begun working out to reduce my paunch and it seems to be working well. Six successive days of jogging on the BHEL road is pure bliss.
Time really flying fast. 5th term exam for 2 weeks followed by a 10-day vacation and then the final term of academic life would be upon us. And before we realize it, it would be all over.
Random thoughts like these ran through my mind as I was walking to the computer centre to take a printout...
5th sem started today (23rd dec'11) and it will go on till 7th Jan. Will be holidays till 18th Jan I guess...
My exams start from 27th .. Awaiting for sleepless nights once again....
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CHIAROSCURO, the movie club has arranged for a screening of "The Bicycle Thieves" at the open air theatre in BHEL. It is currently running and most of the first years seem to have gone there as the hostel area wears a deserted look.
Just done with CRM class and have B2B coming up at 9. Night ...
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of movies*
was in a hurry, running to watch movie
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Exam season to begin in another one week. Five presentations lined up till 22nd. Enjoying the last few months of academic life.