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Hello Junta,
Its time to list our folks who have made into Bschools. This thread will remain the database for all users who need to contact other Bschoolers. The best way to contact the Bschoolers would be through PM through the forum, as it would the least intrusive to them.
In the next co...
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Name: nafisul Khan
Joining: SIBM Pune(2008-2010)
Work-Ex: 3 years with jumeirah group of hotel, Dubai
Graduation: Bachelors of hotel management, IHM pusa, New delhi
Graduation Acads: 61%
XII: 76%
X: 76%
Hobbies: Badminton
Interested in: HR
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Name: Varun Uppal
Joining: MDI PGPM(2008-2010)
Work-Ex: Zilch
Graduation: B.Tech in I.T. from I.P. University, New Delhi
Graduation Acads: 72% till 7th Sem
XII: 81.0
X: 78.6
Hobbies: Football, F1
Interested in: Strategy
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Name : Vaibhav Rao
Institute : IIM-K ( PGP 2008-10 )
Graduation : B.Tech, DA-IICT Gandhinagar
Work-Ex : 0 Months
Future : Wall Street :2gunfire:
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Name: Chetan Shetty
Joining : NITIE PGDIM-2008-2010
Work-Ex: 27 months with Reliance Communications
Graduation: B.E. in Elec & telecom from RAIT, Mumbai University
Graduation Acads: 62%
XII: 80.17%
X : 76.26%
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Name: Mobariz Ahmed
Joining: NITIE PGDIM-2008-2010
Work-Ex: 19 months with Cognizant Technology Solutions
Graduation: B.E. in ECE from Haldia Institute of Technology, WB
Graduation Acads: 7.69 (DGPA)
XII: 83.75% (WB Board)
X : 81.50% (WB Board)
Hobbies: Playing cricket,watc...
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Xth : 79.6%
XIIth : 66%
Bsc(I.T.) : 66%
Work Ex : 1 month internship in the export division of a chemical manufacturing company.
Hobbies & Interests : Politics, Blogging, Reading, Singing and many more!
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Name: seeds
Currently: XLRI - BM 2008-10
Work-Ex: Notta
Graduation: Bsc. - Delhi University
Graduation Acads: Upper 60s
XII: 86 something
X: 74 something
I was only 19 when I gave my SIBM interview, was the only person without work-ex in my group. I met a guy who was ...
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Name: Deep Agrawal
Joining: IMNU (Nirma) 2008-2010
Work-Ex: 23 months with Persistent Systems Ltd.
Graduation: B.E. in Computer Science from VIT, Pune
Graduation Acads: 65.4%
XII: 77.33%
X: 84.67%
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Copying the format from the earlier post by Vishal
Name: Avinav C Thakur
Joining: IMI - PGDM 2008-10
Work-Ex: 15 months with Persistent Systems Ltd.
Graduation: B.E. in Computer Science from TCT, Bhopal
Graduation Acads: 75.4%
XII: 75.4%
X: 71%
Hobbies: Playing crick...
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hey dude
definitely your grad marks do matter in many b-school admissions, but it is not the only criteria..ur work ex,written score, gd/pi et al, ecerything counts.u can definitely counter ur low grad scores by a good overall performance.
to tell u it wont make a significant difference if ...
Don't be so apprehensive about ur Grad. score... its okk...
n u can always cover-up for it by a decent score in the entrance test and a good profile(with extra curr., work-ex, hobbies, essays/SOP if any)...
just forget about ur score n start working in improving other areas...
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Name: Vishal Mehra
Currently: IMT Ghaziabad PGDM(Fin) 2008-10
Work-Ex:3 Years with Accenture Services
Graduation: B.Tech in ECE from ITM, Gurgaon
Graduation Acads: 78.0%
XII: 85%
X: 88%
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Hello Friends,
I understand that this is not the right thread for my query. I searched for any other thread for my query but but didn't found any suitable one. And i didn't wanted to open a whole new thread for my specific query. So posting my query here. I am presently working. I have got ...
Name: Nishant Kumar
Currently: NMIMS-CORE, 2008-2010
Work-Ex: 33 months
Graduation: B.Tech in Comp.Sc from CUSAT, KERALA
Graduation Acads: 70.0%
XII: 83.4%
X: 82.2%
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guess shud've posted here a yr back precisely..but den better late dan never..
Acads : B.Tech(Electrical Engg., 2004)
Work X : Consultant @ IBM India for 3 loooooonnnngggggg years..
Summers Profile : Marketing @ Patni Computers..
rest of the trivia abt me is evident frm my signature n...
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this thread doesnt seem to be very active.it defeats the very purpose of the thread.looking the the profiles and calls people have attended, in this thread, puys can probably find out the right person to guide them(i.e matching their profile) for gd/pi preps for various b-schools
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Name: Ipsita Ghosh Dastidar
Currently: XLRI - BM, 2008-2010
Work-Ex: 21 months
Graduation: B.Tech in C.Sc from IEM,Kolkata
Graduation Acads: 79.2%
XII: 80.8%(WB.HS)
X: 84.5% (WB )
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Name: Swagat Sinha
Currently: IIM-A, PGP, 2008-2010
Work-Ex: Zilch
Graduation: B.Tech. (Electrical) from GNDEC, Ludhiana.
Graduation Acads: 63.2%
XII: 73.8%
X: 73.4%
Not attend...
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Name: Sumit Singla
Currently: XLRI - PMIR, 2008-2010
Work-Ex: 69 months
Graduation: BE (Civil) from PEC, Chandigarh.
Graduation Acads: 61.9%
XII: 66.8%
X: 85%
Not attended: SIBM
Converts: XLRI...
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Sorry for the error, clicked the submit by mistake, here it goes
Name: Arpit Gandhi
Currently: IIFT, 2008-2010 batch
Work-Ex- NIL
Graduation: BE in Electronics and Communication from UIT, RGPV, Bhopal.
Graduation Acads: 75%
XII: 75.6
X: 80
Other Calls:
IMT-Ghzbd, IIFT...
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