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Hello Junta,
Its time to list our folks who have made into Bschools. This thread will remain the database for all users who need to contact other Bschoolers. The best way to contact the Bschoolers would be through PM through the forum, as it would the least intrusive to them.
In the next co...
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@koolkid and all on this thread.. Request you to check out the following thread..
It would be of great help to all if you update your Summers Details in that thread..
SPJIMR PGDM Finance Class of 2014 | CAT'11 - 99.04%le | http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/life-at-b-schools/bschool-student-profiles-t-1090/p-15377/r-3591991
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    @dadaganguly Yeah go ahead :)
    @cricaddict :: sahi hai boss .. need to ask u something about b schools free ho ?
    Hello This is Krishna Vamsi doing my Masters in Human Resource Management from IIT kharagpur of the batch 2011-13 . Cat 92.3 . B.tech Mechanical Engineering and work ex : 2 months recruitment , Internship experience : 2 mnths marketing - freshersworld, 2 mnths - omnireal - recruitment , 2 mnths s...
    Finally i get a thread to post about my integral part of life - MBA Season 2011
    Here go My Details :
    Name : Poojan Shah
    B School : S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
    Course : PGDM Finance
    CAT '11 - 99.04%le (QA+DI-98.28%le VA+LR-97.30)
    X: 89.73%
    XII : 84...
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    Hi guys...m Priyanka..
    i want to do PGDM..i visited few colleges in delhi like asia pacific, ndim, jaipuria..fee is too high..
    Few days back i visited Samalkha(SGI)...college campus is huge..fee is also bearable...
    any suggestions....................?????:thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Name : Piyush Anand
    10th: 92.8% (CBSE)
    12th: 76.2%(CBSE)
    Graduation : Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) CGPA :7.51/10
    Work-ex: Front end software developer , Infosys Ltd (24 months)
    Decent extra-curricular awards in quizzes, essay writing,olympiads e.t.c
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    I quit my job on Jan 2012 and started prepartation for CAT. Will this gap in my career in anyway affect my admission to any of the top B-schools.?
    I am very worried. Please advice.?
    Name: Aditya Kumar
    College: NDIM, New Delhi
    Course: PGDBM/MBA 2010-2012
    Specialization: Marketing
    Xth: 60.60%
    XIIth: 60.40%
    Graduation: 58% in B.E. Electronics From university of Pune
    Work Experience: 12 months in BEC, Bhilai
    Summer Internship: Best Job Solution, New Delhi...
    Another classic case of public bashing.
    Bakra halaal ho raha hain!
    Please ignore the naadani of the guy who does not maintain sanctity on the thread.
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    I think you should ask this question to the Admissions Dept of B-Schools..you'll get lot more authentic answers there..
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    Apologies for even replying, but could not bear reading this.
    Sorry sir, you are not fit to be a manager. Managers and leaders are built on ethics and integrity, you don't seem to have any.:nono::nono:
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    Name : Gaurav Mehta
    Institute : TISS--HRM&LR;
    Graduation : Bachelor of Dental Surgery
    Work-Ex : 28 Months as a Dental Surgeon in multi-specialty hospital
    Xth : 78.57%
    XIIth : 77.08%
    Grad : 57.23%
    Hobbies : PGing , FBing , Music, Cricket
    Future plans : Short term-->Enjoyin...
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    Please read the name and the purpose of any thread before posting
    This is not the right thread for these queries...Post them on the right thread and you will get your answers
    @Mods--Please delete the above posts
    Frndz i have worked in company for 6-7 months...Bt using my personal contacts if i obtain the work Exp certificate 1.5 years...Can i be caught by B schools.What are the required documents for work exp...
    tell me what shud be my strategy $M here onwards...........to crack cat 2012
    how many HRS shud i devote daily
    how bks with i be finished with b4 apperain in cat12:grin:
    Name: Jaimin Parikh
    Birth Place: Shrinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) (Dad Was Posted - Ex Indian Air force Officer)
    College: ITM Navi Mumbai
    Course: PGDM
    Specialization: Finance
    Xth: 70
    XIIth: 70
    Graduation: BMS - Somaiya College - Mumbai University
    Work Experience: 20 months (P...
    Name: Shubham Gupta
    College: International Management Institute, New Delhi
    Course: PGDM
    Graduation: B.Tech (CSE) MMM Engineering College, Gorakhpur
    Work Experience: 36 months (TCS + Sungard)
    Hobbies: Travelling, Social Networking
    Name: Saurabh Singh
    College: National insurance academy, Pune
    Course: PGDM
    Specialization: Finance +Insurance
    Graduation: B.E (EXTC) Mumbai university
    Work Experience: 16 months
    Hobbies: Travelling, Bike riding, watching movies
    Name: Umang Trivedi
    College: Goa Institute of Management
    Course: PGDM
    Specialization: Marketing/Operations
    Xth: 80.72%
    XIIth: 75.8%
    Graduation: B.E (E.C) Sardar Patel University (69.9%)
    Work Experience: 0 months
    Home town: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    Hobbies: Travelling, Playing...
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