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Hi Everyone :)
In a continuation to the why series [smiley] , we wanted to start this immensely important why finance thread :), i think we already have threads for discussing financial concepts but we needed a more holistic thread to discuss both the academic and professional domains of fina...
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Hi Puys,
I'm in a dilemma whether to choose between MBA in HR or Finance.
(I'm not considering the colleges that have taken me, for now, because I only want to know about the courses)
Back ground: Engineering + 1.5 years of experience in IT, Female, good in debate and similar extra cu...
metallurgy Go for HR. There is severe talent crunch. . 14 Apr.
Sheetal1990 Thanks @metallurgy .. :) . 14 Apr.
Hi, can some one please answer these few questions related to finance domain...
what's the difference between front-end, middle office and back-end roles?How do they differ from one another? How will it impact at an individual level? Are any special qualities/skills required for each (I recko...
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plant.waters Talk to some seniors as well,front end roles with the kin.... 12 Apr.
kedia501 @plant.waters rightly said man. Placement process is one.... 12 Apr.

What is "Badia Finance"?

mil jae bas, chahe kuch hi mil jae :P
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    There is a common question in interviews: Why are you interested in the specialization of finance..?How do we answer this question so that it demonstrates passion for finance and also be rational at the same time ? I am a 3rd year B.Com student who has cleared IPCC (CA intermediate)
    why are all the finance related threads dead? has the world moved on to new threads? if yes, please post the link.
    why are all the finance related threads dead? has the world moved on to new threads? if yes, please post the link.
    NCFM? any good?
    vishal.das @shivam1298 dont assume only becoz of ncfm u will get a.... 09 Feb.
    shivam1298 @vishal.das sir i am obviously not assuming that. i vl b.... 09 Feb.
    NCFM? any good?
    any easy way to understand what exactly credit default swaps are and how they contributed to the financial crisis in 2008 ??
    Want to learn about the basics of financial concepts and much more about the applications of finance from the world's top faculty from Europe ! A course for students of economics, business studies, mathematics, physics, engineers and computer science. Course is for people willing to make career i...
    i am an electrical engineer having 3+ years of work ex. in manufacturing sector.
    I am aware that the kind of work ex i am having would suit operations better than finance.
    Sadly in india, the colleges with a good Operations course are limited.
    However, in case i manage to land up ...
    Hi seniors,I want to know, is it worth doing CFP with MBA. Will this help me enhance my career. How are the job scenario for MBA+CFP.I am currently doing my MBA from IMT-G(First year).
    Vignesh26 CFP needs exp of 5 yrs or something like that... right ?. 30 Nov '13.
    I just wanted to know, is there a reason why student loans have more interest rate than home loans?A student loan has a lesser repay duration than home loans which stretch up to 25 years, then what is the logic behind it?
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    Omkarp Even I think it has got to do with collateral. Housing lo.... 08 Feb.
    papuni i agree with you. . 08 Feb.
    Hey i want to know about a job after doing mba in finance.. do we need to sit before computer full day and work?
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    desporonick @Tyranitar In movie the wolf of wall street leoanardo d.... 16 Jan.
    hobo awesome movi...........i want that type of life..... 28 Jan.
    Hi, I had a query regarding a certain profile offered by I-Banks at bschools, related to market risk analysis/management. What would this profile entail, would be be front/back end? Experts in this thread, please help out
    hey puys, i completed my engineering this year and preparing for MBA entrances. Im doing a bit of research in deciding upon my specialisation since we have to mention it while filling application forms of various b-schools. I have a few doubts regarding Finance. I have heard that finance is tough...
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    thaparian @missgulati : As i said, certi like CFA and FRM are good.... 10 Dec '13.
    sci.pathfinder @missgulati try nm gal! mumbai is an awesumm place for .... 13 Jan.
    what does private open-ended alternative investment fund mean ?
    bhaduriarchit @Tyranitar It is a financial instrument which is traded .... 02 Aug '13.
    thaparian private : it is available to selected individuals..... no.... 07 Aug '13.
    I am an Engineer, 2012 Batch pass out. As per the age old custom, I got into a software firm (Accenture). I realised that I did not want to base my life as a developer and immediately got out of the firm after a year of work experience. Now Happily quit the job, and studying for MBA exams - CAT a...
    Hi I have just taken admission for mba & very much confused regarding the courses i should pursue along with my mba . PLease can someone help me regarding this I am interested in finance & i cannot afford CFA right now . It would be great if some help me from this dilemma.