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hi frnds
actually i wanna know abt the cut off marks for tcs written aptitude test. what is it exactly. thanks
Hello All I got to know that TCS has a cut off percentage in academics for experienced people. Can anyone let me know how much it is and how strict are they in this cut-off. Is it possible for people with less percentage but much experience to by-pass this cut-off?RegardsSri
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There are so many factors involved. Is it off-campus? On Campus? If on-campus, which university/college?
I am saying that in general and not specifically for TCS. Companies do have different cut-offs for different universities. For off-campus, the cut-off is consistent.
Hello hello,
I dont think TCS has any upper cut off!!
Yeah this is a very interesting thing most Indian companies follow.If your score is above a certain predefined mark,even then you are expelled.But then they have not mentioned it anywhere so this thing requires authentication.:
Thankyou guys.. for answering me..
is there something like upper cut off too in this..
the cut-off shouldn't eb much! So dont worry. Welcome to TCS!!
The cut-off was a mere 50% when it visited my campus,but i think that varies depending on the workforce needed.Due to the kind of mass recruitment mode TCS has adopted,cut off could go even lesser.