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Hi all,
Wanted to start a thread to bring all TAS 2012 aspirants on a common platform, so that individual views, informations, inputs, updates and ideas can benefit all of us !!!
Puys --- Would suggest all you TAS 2012 aspirants to start with a short introduction and keep yourself posted. <...
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1). I am planning to take GMAT in first week of June will that meet the deadline of TAS registration.
No, try to give it latest by first week of March as application start from first week of march and end by 3rd week.
2). Is the score cut off always 650?
It has been 700 before. but mostl...
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Hello TASOS/Folks
I am planning to appear for TAS 2013 and have following queries , I will be grateful enough if anyone of you clear following queries:
1). I am planning to take GMAT in first week of June will that meet the deadline of TAS registration.
2). Is the score cut off always 65...
Age criteria is <27 yrs
No cut off on the ratings or bands
PS:Plz correct me if I m wrong
PPS: Plz read the full thread before asking any doubt
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I have a querry,is there a age limit too ??? I heard 27 years ,less than 27 years smwhr.....bt on the site in cutoff and criteria nthng was mentioned regarding age.
One more, two PMS cycles with arting above 4 .....or even 3.7x wiil do ?I mean is it mandatory to get above 4 in both years ??
People from Bangalore and Delhi, plz post ur experiences!!
I am from Other Intl location...so I will be travelling to India for the GD Round...
All the Best to all !!
its TAJ gateway,Residency Road.
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Is the venue for Bangalore people the same as that for the workshop?
You are from intl location? Isn't case studies there are done?
Hi Showman,
I am also from Other Intl location...suggest u send across ur travel plans at the earliest...cos the TAS offc wl also take some time...I just gt my tickets booked late last evening...
Best of luck with the Case Study !
You are correct . It is at the Ambassador hotel. Tas Guys just confirmed that
I believe the round will be at Ambassador hotel..the workshop was conducted there only..I m still struggling wid the case study
This is exactly what I want to know as well , the venue of the Delhi round...TAS guys have not responded till date. My problem is compounded by the fact that I still have to make my travel plans accordingly.How is your case presentation going ?
Need some help.
Whats the venue and time for the Delhi Round three? Have received a mail saying i have cleared round two and I gave them my location preference but no one has gotten back with the venue till now.
Would be obliged.
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Sent you a PM.
Just try to go through this thread and older threads and you will get your answer...
If, even after reading this...there are some questions left, you can post here.
Hey Jatin and Dhanya,
Please provide your employee ids.. so that we can b in touch..
can anybody throw some light on the details regarding the stages after GMAT shortlist, like what happens in the chairmans group discussion,presentation of case study , what is the IRIS round and all. ALSO what is the mode of preparation for these rounds ..
This post is really silent..dunno why?
America and London rounds must have happened? Any news?
Where are you Onsite guys?
Come for our help....pleaseeeee
Well, yes there were couple of days i went to office but last week i was working from home and this week i will be off.. Have told them and got the leaves...:biggrin:
Case study is exhaustive......anything you right seems to be really subjective and not enough....BTW, how are you now catching ...