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Hi all,
Wanted to start a thread to bring all TAS 2012 aspirants on a common platform, so that individual views, informations, inputs, updates and ideas can benefit all of us !!!
Puys --- Would suggest all you TAS 2012 aspirants to start with a short introduction and keep yourself posted. <...
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I am working with a Tata company since July'2012. I had one appraisal in april 2013, one mid term review in nov'13 and second appraisal is due in april 2014. Am I eligible to apply for TAS 14? Do I meet their 2years work exp requirement? my two years will cmplt on 1st july'14
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  • Psychamour In my opinion, No. Tas managers join their job from Jun 1. So by that time atleast, 2 yrs of work exp should have been completed. You should use this year to prepare and appear for gmat. Also, even if you are not eligible still apply for tas, fill the form, attend workshop, seminar etc so that you get the feel of the process. That will help you next year. Eliminations based on eligibility happen at much later stage of the process.
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    Hi guys I am new to this thread!!! I just heard abt this TAS entrance examination . I would like to know more details abt this examination.Can I use this score to apply to various Tata Group Companies??..Can anyone tell me how to apply for this exam, when does this exam take place, all the detail...
    Hi TAS puys,I want to know the criterion that TAS looks from IIM students through campus recruitment.What is the work exp or background and other imp aspects...kindly reply..
    hi @cat_aspirant_
    Registered for TAS 2013 and awaiting first cutoff.Could you please mail the guide to me as well ? Also please message me your TCS employee Id and we can talk on sametime or via mail.
    I am messaging you my email id and TCS Id.
    Thanks.Rohit Aggarwal
    sachindia, I will try to arrange that guide again as it seems it has been deleted from Pagalguy server. Please send me an Email to jtn.kathuria@gmail.com and i will email you the guide as soon as i will find them.
    Guys TAS Inhouse entries are open again. Buck up and start preparing
    @andrew.winney For TCS Inhouse TAS selection process, min experience in TCS = 2 Years, and a GMAT score, cut off will be declared first, and hence the shortlist..
    You have a lotta time to prepare :)
    p.s. 650 was last year's cut off, 700 was last to last year's
    Hi Folks, What would be the ideal time to give GMAT exam for TAS. I have gone throught the GMAT website and got to know that scores will be available after 20 days. So do we need to give the exam by the first week of the March ? I am asking this question in the last year's forum since guys who ...
    Hey guys .. Im gonna join TCS this year! I heard abt TAS recently. Can anyone throw me more light! These guys recruit frm top colleges in india ryt? so there s no difference if v go inhouse or thru college??? I also wanna know about the chances to get in!! wat r the parameters they see?? Do guid...
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    @cat_aspirant_ Can you pls send me the comprehensive guide about the admission process prepared by one of previous TAS applicants i.e. TAS_Selection_Process_Tips pdf file.
    unable to download the one you have attached in ur post
    @cat_aspirant_ Can you pls send me the comprehensive guide about the admission process prepared by one of previous TAS applicants i.e. TAS_Selection_Process_Tips pdf file.
    Regarding the eligibility criteria - where is the age limit stated? I checked from both TCS-Ultimatix notification as well as from the site : http://www.tas-inhouse.com/ > Criteria & Cut-Off. There is no mention of any age limit.
    as stated more or less same in both the places ->
    Is the age limit applicable for students of such B-schools as well? Is it an advantage for such students if they have had work-ex @ a Tata Group Co before? What could be the CTC/on hand offered to such TAS (selected ones)?
    @sonimns IIMABCLKIS FMS XL as far as I know.
    Can anybody name some of the MBA colleges for TAS....
    Yes TAS age limit is <= 27 Years and 2 appraisal cycles ...............
    Work Exp is mentioned nowhere
    @[415639:mbafrmfms] Hi,
    where does it say that the age limit is 27 in the eligibility criteria?It says the work xp shud be b/w 2-6.
    Hello Guys,
    Is there anyone who knows the number of shortlisted candidates in TAS 2012.
    Is this TAS exam meant only for TATA employees or anyone can apply?
    Hi Friends,
    I work in TCS(2+ exp.) & am planning to appear for TAS 2013.
    I am done with TWO annual appraisals.
    Could anyone update me regarding the appraisals that would be taken into consideration for the same.
    I will come across the below appraisals till Mar 2013(i.e the dedline to ...