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kem.harsha are the final year students of graduation eligible for cg.... 02 Mar.
akshcool @kem.harsha No, final year students are not eligible........ 02 Mar.
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does SSC allow multiple application? i have already applied.. i want to make changes in order of application. can i apply again?
StudyPal.co Both the above suggestions are Enough to solve ur query. .... 10 Feb.
ayyanar7 you can apply....but for only application you have appear.... 12 Feb.
can someone share with me the job profile of assistant in IB? cant find it anywhere?
jobhunter mrunal.org. 07 Feb.
ayyanar7 obviously ...except CSS ..all jobs can be anywhere in ind.... 12 Feb.
Can someone tell me best books for Preparing for General Knowledge for SSC CGL Tier 1
StudyPal.co Arihant publications are best.. 10 Feb.
Hi puys,
Share Your time Table,How you allot time to all 4 sections.

Hi puys, I have applied online for SSC CGL exam..do i need to send the application print out to the respective regional office??

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    Hi guys,
    Hope You all are doing fine. As SSC CGL is approaching very fast so Make your study plan and start preparing for Tier 1.Here are some tips which i want to share with all of You and hoping that you will share it with your friends so that maximum number of people will clear this exam an...
    i am a final year b.tech student.. my graduation will be comleted by june this year.. am i eligible to apply.. please enlighten me guys .. confused
    ychetan no! I wish it were like an engineering job where one coul.... 09 Feb.
    shiiv ok :( . thats a strange rule because by the time of joi.... 09 Feb.
    What is a departmental exam for assistants in SSC, can somebody switch ministry after clearing thisexam, like an assistant in CSS can join CVC or external affairs?
    ayyanar7 u r not eligible... 12 Feb.
    StudyPal.co No...... 19 Feb.
    Puys.. plz suggest me some good books for maths (Except M.Tyra, R.S.Agrawal, Kiran publication) and english.. Thanks in advance!
    svvv for english you may want to try "word power made easy" by.... 09 Feb.
    StudyPal.co Arun sharma ..... but it will be tough,,,,,,RS aggarwal i.... 19 Feb.
    They have mentioned tht the application form has to b sent to the SSC Office!!!
    Hw the hell do i do tht???
    Alok2333 @jashholmes only offline mode candidates need to send th.... 10 Feb.
    jashholmes @Alok2333 Yes. Bt whre???. 11 Feb.
    Puys, need your favour. What Preferences should I choose If I want to stay in Gujarat. Please Help.
    Puys,I have glasses. I have a doubt that can I apply to post of Inspector in Preferences?
    ayyanar7 u can... 12 Feb.
    StudyPal.co yes u can. 18 Feb.
    ďťżHi all,
    I submitted my application for CGL-2014 on Jan30 (completed both part 1 and part2). I realized that I made an error. So I submitted a new application on 2nd feb again. But I got a lower registration id. The registration id should increase because the application with the higher r...
    someone plz help me out with the preference order to be filled up in application form (cgl 2014)............
    in the registration for part 1, while writing the educational qualifications, do you have to enter only the bachelors degree marks or also the marks of 10th and 12th?
    ayyanar7 not required. 12 Feb.
    hey guys, I lost my registration id after part 1 registration ,now how to get registration id for part 2 registration ?
    chemicalsaurabh its ok...they dont bother..... 02 Feb.
    sajstyles ohkk .. thanx :-) . 02 Feb.
    guys and girls.. plz tell me that.. is there any sectional cut off for SSC CGL Tier 1 ??? like in ibps exmas...
    Alok2333 not in practice but SSC can opt it any time . 01 Feb.
    i have already filled my ssc cgl 2014 form.
    my part 1 and part 2 registrations are complete. i have made payment.
    can i apply again as i have made some mistake in the 1st form
    they will cancel my form?
    please help
    ayyanar7 u can ...but only one have to take the test.... 12 Feb.
    tushar02 u r late now. last date for part 1 was 12/02/14 till 5 p.... 12 Feb.
    What is the top 3 best posts in SSC to fill ? Or cut-it long, what preference should one choose for the best pay and work environment ?
    General Category BE student !
    Help will be appreciated..
    StudyPal.co www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200486603286485&set;=o..... 19 Feb.
    StudyPal.co check this. 19 Feb.
    can anyone tell me after how many days of submitting the challan we have to fill part 2 of application form?
    satishfbg til last date. . 08 Feb.