SSC CGL 2012 (Queries & Discussions) part-3 Jobs & Careers

Hi everyone,:cheerio:
We can continue here with all the SSC CGL 2012 related queries.
All queries regarding the test, its pattern,previous test papers, results, application form, eligibility, etc can be discussed through this thread.
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Haan bilkul theek.....kaan pakadana tha pakad liya...:):)
bhai join toh nhi karna tha par clear karke bhi list me naam nhi..
join toh sidha ASSISTANT ENFORCEMENT OFFICER hi karna h agar aap logo ki dua n bhagwan ka ashirwad raha toh..!!
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ok bhai me chala sone...nini aa rahi hai....kal questions post karunga in afternoon......:):) abhi k liye sweet dreams....
Isme 1 less ka square karna h..3 se 1 less 2..2 ka square 4..similarly 6 se 1 less 5 n 5 ka square 25..!!
kal kaunsa paper h bhai..??
All r correct....boss don't be disheartened..... Just go with your routine effort.....ssc is waiting for you...:):)
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my take.....!!
before this all r fine i think.....
3:4 : : 6 : ?
2^2 = 4
We take 2 + 1 = 3
Same 5^2 = 25
We take 5 + 1 = 6 .....
I also don't exact ans of this but i think this wud be the pattern....
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Koi nahi FCI jyaae bhaad mein kaun sa tumhe join karna thaa :)
Kal ka paper Pura CGL type hogaa whaa dhyaan rakhna
last ka logic tumharE ans se pata chala
I read wht was going on n regarding this il only say that only a frustrate person can say this..if someone has gt talent no1 can stop him achieving multiple jobs..if u hv guts n talent clear exam n gt job..dnt waste ur tym in criticizing others just because u r nt able to compete with them..!!
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my take....2-3 din se padhai nhi ho rhi..jab se FCI ka pata laga h..ek roll no sahi nhi bhara jata..:(
nt sure abt the last one
actor : theatre :: chemist: ?
A hospital
B court
C workshop
D pharmacy
Clouds:rain :: ?
A wind:hurricane
B thunder:lightening
C water:solution
D sky:universe
A nrv
B mqu
C nsw
D mrv
Dimo:dmio:: juvr
A jvru
B jrvu
C jvur
D juvr...
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51. Ans.(3)
52. Ans.(2)
53. Ans.(4)
@neelk18 all correct ... and in the month of july we will be having humidity in air so we got no choice but to get used to this garmi and all .. also imagine if we get noon time wala paper .. aur bhi garmi .... My Rbi asst paper was noon time .. and it...
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well said we must get used to Humidity ,Govt schools atmosphre
Pankha chalte chalte na gir jyaae aur desk intne chote ki sharam aa jaye :)
Ahmedabad ki garmi ke aage toh Delhi ki kuch bhi nahi:)
yeh huyi SSC wali reasoning:)
thank u
we are no body to tell others what should they do..so lets better concentrate on ourselves and enhance our skills so that we can emulate..
:clap::clap:sachislife...u r a real gem..
loser koi nahi hota.kisi ko success jaldi mil jati hai kisi ko time lagta hai:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Bhai apna time aa gaya hai......no more tag of loser....winner don't do different things...they do things in different way....this is the way we do........struggle k baad success ka apna ek alag maza hai....:):)
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