SAIL MTT/MTA 2013 (new thread) Jobs & Careers

Dear friends ,As our old thread for joint discussion and preparation has been deleted; I am starting a new one. This thread is not limited for those who have been shortlisted in the 2013 MT exams; but also to current/future aspirants to share knowledge.....LEarning and sharing.
Dear @Nestle ...
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dzire4iim Hi I am giving SAIL MT-A by marketing first time I am in .... 22 Jan.
magmalink Hello friends can anyone suggest me a good source to prep.... 09 Mar.
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Puys,there is a new "feedback form login" just below applicant login asking to enter the mail id..........
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hahah sail walo ne help line phone number chipka diye h hr post.... 30 Dec '13.
Aiirputra ^^ LOL :D . 30 Dec '13.
sail.co.in is not opening
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    Update:Just contacted the helpline number and told him about the error while submitting the feed back form.He told me to check my servers to which i said few of my friends facing the same problem.he said he will just now communicate this to IT team...then i asked about the result:he said by end i...
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    Nestle... ab kabhi bhi aa sakta hai.....raat me bhi like written re.... 26 Dec '13.
    hahah shi khaa... jldi aye... ho na ho... pr result jldi aye... . 26 Dec '13.
    Will result come on 26/27/28 december?
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    KRY Cant Say . 26 Dec '13.
    newentryongc no wale jeet gaye. 01 Jan.
    Plz tell me the whatsapp group details. I want to join..
    pintupajai 09860917333. 26 Dec '13.
    KRY any idea of result ?... @pintupajai . 26 Dec '13.
    kya lagta hai puys log...will result come in remaining 7 days.....ha ya na bolke is thread ko jivit rakha jaye......
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    koool.Miike @Nestle... ditto :| . 25 Dec '13.
    newentryongc @Nestle , @koool.Miike bhai both option select karo 3.3.... 25 Dec '13.
    Plz confirm this:is every body getting that feedback form?One of my friend said that it was not there in his login
    newentryongc @M0hi bhai both option 3.3 and 3.4 select karo, submit h.... 26 Dec '13.
    M0hi @newentryongc thanks bhai..... 26 Dec '13.
    bhai log... sail shine par login krne par 1 feedback form aa raha hai..lagtaa h reslt v jaldi aana chaahiye abb..
    sher.khan when did u last call him????. 23 Dec '13.
    Nestle... yesterday itself.......that we are into last complete wee.... 24 Dec '13.
    itna sannata kyo hai bhai.....
    Nestle... last week bhi aa gaya hai......agar aana hoga to inhi 7-8.... 23 Dec '13.
    like andhera kayam rahe...!!!!!,,,,,,. 23 Dec '13.
    Last night a notification was posted on SAIL website for recruitment of MTs throught written test. Overall no. of vacancies were 600 something out of which 208 for mech, 170 for meta and dont know other details. The post was shortly removed, but hey, there is gonna be one more recruitment drive b...
    koool.Miike @Sapinisha hahaha.. na bhai :) bhai galat kaam nhi ka.... 22 Dec '13.
    Sapinisha @koool.Miike :mg: . 22 Dec '13.
    waiting for result..............
    KRY haan , karo intjaar achanak se kissi din aayega result ...... 20 Dec '13.
    npd.bits Kuch log post kiye ki result saayad is month aa jayega. 20 Dec '13.
    To remind you all,the person on the helpline number still stands by his answer that results will be by last week of december and mam said to keep on checking websites......
    koool.Miike december end tak aa jaye to sahi hai, selection hua to th.... 20 Dec '13.
    vicky_pathak ab to dec last week ane hi wala hai... :-) . 20 Dec '13.
    @Nestle... , @koool.Miike , @ramusamu & others, sail par login karo registration slip download ka option a raha hai.
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    Linonel_Messi Job has Expired status kya sabke portal pe aa raha hai ??. 24 Dec '13.
    sushant1002001 Cant even submit FEEDBACK form....lol. 24 Dec '13.
    some changes in sail.shine website.. mtt advert. removed.. reslts might come soon (y)
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    Nestle... @sher.khan good observation......and it is logical also .... 18 Dec '13.
    vishant guys result jab aana hoga tabhi aega,,,,no point in dese .... 18 Dec '13.
    Tried to contact the helpline number to get some response from mam but it was not recieved....anyone who got hold of that number or with any new information,do share
    koool.Miike nestle.. ke love story mei twist aa gaya hai :P . 17 Dec '13.
    sushant1002001 sorry....wo to DARR thaa. 18 Dec '13.
    Has any one also called on the contact numbers mentioned?The helpline number people are saying about this month.....do not want to study for this Gate exam..........
    newentryongc ab DHOOM machane ke bad hi call karna sahi rahega.. 16 Dec '13.
    asdfg12 @newentryongc during my interview they said "jan last we.... 17 Dec '13.
    HAL se sabhi PSU'S ko sikhna chahiye. 1 mahine me HAL ne joining de di aur yaha 6 mahine ho gaye aur abhi GDΠ hua hai.
    Nestle... abhi final result hi baki hai and then joining bhi....hal.... 16 Dec '13.
    Hey you guys, copy and paste the following in searchbox to join our SAIl Result awaiting group on FB SAIL MT 2013 GD+PI Tips The group already has more than 400 members from different branches, and is more organized and informative