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atlast current account deficit down nearly 12% MOM !!!! finally some of the gov. efforts paid off, and yeah not to forget mr. rajan six on first ball .... so we are now at 64.30 vs a dollar , and as a effect sensex breaches 20,000....

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  • UthnkUknwME its because of the PM's announcement during G 20 summit that India will be reducing subsidies on several commodities very soon, also JAPAN announced that it will buy rupees from India and will provide dollars to India in exchange....
  • catrocker1992 @UthnkUknwME yeah u are correct bro that is also one of the reason ,,,, also the possibilty of the deal between india and iran for import of crude in indian rupee is one of the factor!!!!
  • karthikponnada well yes the situation of 1991 is far away but if the markets continue as what they were doing for last few weeks then surely India in a huge trouble.The food security bill,land aciqusition bill,to many subsidies too less development,us employment crisis is almost reduced ,syria chemical war still the effect of eurozone.goodness me ,look what a globalised,liberalised and privatised economy faces not just within in the nation,any part of world gets affected it leads to crisis .but we can surely not negotiate the development happend due to this.
  • UthnkUknwME I think the situation is worse than the 1991 crisis, at that time we had the "FDI" door, now that door is closed also..... If SYRIA war happens and INDIA remains nuetral, then INDIAN Market will again become attractive to FIIs.
  • catrocker1992 @karthikponnada absolutely bro .... the only thing which can be a Savior is the micro-economy.... global phenomenon will be of lesser effect if a countrie's micro-economic stability is perfect !!!!
  • techsurge not to sound devil's advocate, but the volatility in the market and bills like food bill ,Land Aquisition etc and SYRIA situation are still going to hamper investor sentimens........but the thing i regret the most....why the hell I did not buy TCS share :banghead: 40% rise in 3 months :splat:
  • catrocker1992 @techsurge lol.... yeah u missed an opportunity.... but now u can buy banks or power stocks , awesome things gonna come in these sectors in near future dont miss it !!!!
  • UthnkUknwME I think ITC and IGL shares will be a good investment as petro prices are higher...
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