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well, according to the advice of all u ppl, i've dropped the idea of joining TAPMI/NIRMA for infy.. now even the last dates for these institutes are over...i HAVE got the e-mail from infy saying that i have been selected and that i'll b told about my date of joining n location WITHIN 3 months...w...
sb29 Necro alert!! @targetibps Check the date of posting of a .... 17 May '13.
rishabsri91 subudutta I was recruited by infy last yr 17th sep 2012 a.... 26 May '13.
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hi vijay,
thanks for your promp response.
buddy i have been working for the last 4.3yrs in steel industry.I passed out from REC, Jamshedpur and got into Tata-Tinplate co. thru campus and worked there for 3.5yrs in the tinning line operations.
production planning, material management,proc...
It's very true that there is heavy recruitment going in Enterprise Solutions Group(ERP) at Infosys. Can you brief us on your profile? As in which part of the Business you were involved in. Like Materials management, Production planning, Supply Chain et al.
hi there...
This is Ronen and i wanted to know more about the Infosys Recruitment for non IT executives.
I heard about this heavy recruitment in infosys in the ERP section. Is is true??
infoscions !! is there any?? please help me get these information. Is it true?How do i get a call?
hai niti,
They informed me that mail will be sent on 14 feb.At what time is the interview for u.pls reply.
Friends, I have attended the interview in infy at DBS Business Center, Chennai on 14 Jan'06. I have been selected in Technical/Personal & HR interview held on same day. HR have explained about my salary structure, designation and etc. They they told that they would send a mail with offer at anyti...
hai goutham,
I too got a call from infy today (7.2 .2006) informing 16th interview at chennai and they told they will send a mail in detail regarding this. But I havent recd any mail from them. have u recd any mail regarding time and place of interview?
plz inform me
Look dude..
All I can make out from our discussion is that there is some kinda communication gap..
But as far as your work-ex and gap year idealogy is concerned...
I have my facts right..(Do you think Im playing cards... it is abt my career)
And about the thing regarding the time..wh...
Look dude,
hai vinoth / lakshmi,
i have attended interview on 19th dec in chennai but no result now i got a call from infy on 07.02.06 that there is a final HR interview on 16th feb if u get any call pls inform me.
First things first. You got me absolutely wrong.:)
If u read it properly, you can understand the emphasis I had put on doing justice to your job as well as your preparation for CAT. And yeah, try to understand the analogy in which i said that.
Do u think that anyone give you a clear reply ...
Sitting at home is nevertheless a convincing option, often people turns out less prepared after just sitting at home.
Kanika my advice on this issue is that u should join HUGHES software, after all hughes is also a good brand and this surely builds up ur CV.
The most imp. point taken to ad...
Well thats the most weird answer
U telling me to sit at home??
I mean you`re telling me to ADD a GAP year to my Profile. Woaaaahhh!!!
Havent you heard of people doing MBA after work-ex .lateral placements.. (does that ring a bell.Bless you!!!) People have to justify GAP years and not Wor...
Well, thats the most weird answer ...
sit at home??? are you trying to tell me to ADD a gap year to my profile....
You telling me I`ll have to justify what I did in that company....
You may not be in a position to substantiate what you had done working for 'that' company, and that may pr...
The answer lies in the question itself. If you are looking for money, join HUGHES. If you are looking for 'BRAND', join Infy. Well, anyway that is not my point. If you are joining any company keeping in mind your freetime-at-job-for-CAT-preparation, then i guess it would be better to sit at home ...
Hi all..
Im in my final year of Engg. I got thru Infy..campus placement..
I also got thru HUGHES(in my 2nd round of campus placements) ...
Infy will place me down south , while Hughes will place me in Gurgaon ... (of course I`d prefer a place closer home)..
Further more Hughes is obio...
hai everybody. Iam from chennai.
Iam 2005 passout BE(cse) with 72%,XII-87%,X-82%.
I have applied for infosys(freshers@infosys.com)six months back but i haven't got any reply.But my freinds who posted at the same time got reply in two months itself and they wrote the test and got selected to...
After a successfull interview i got a call from Infosys stating my confirmation abt the work profile and location. Thanx to all PG's.

They told me tht i will be posted in IMS as Application Operational Support. I got 2 years experience in Lotus Notes application Development.

I request Infoscions to thro light abt the career path & opportunities of Application Operational Support to start with. Thanks in advance
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    hi vinod,
    thanx for your prompt reply. acually i came to know frm the chethna groups that many r awaiting for the results.
    i wrote a couple of mails to the hr, but there was no respnse from them.kindly let me know when you get ur call letter.
    As u said all we can do is to keep hope.
    hi lakshmi,
    they dont send any mails to those who fail. i am hopeful of my result.
    ok... if u have any solid info regarding ppl who r waiting for their results with us, let me know. all we can do is keep ourself informed.
    lets hope for the best
    I also attended the infy test on 18th and intw on 19th dec. I guess a lot of people r still waiting for their results. Do you know whether they send a regret mail for the people who r not selected. I am eagerly waiting for the results.