PSCB Manager/ITO/Clerk , Punjab Civil Services & Food Inspector discussion thread Jobs & Careers

Discussion thread for THE PUNJAB STATE COOPERATIVE BANK LIMITED total 596 vacancies. including clerk/ Mangaer/ITO
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Rishu007 Have any attended counselling for manager in PSCB............ 16 Feb.
SSS33 Today I visited PSCB CHD headquater They Said GEN seats .... 17 Feb.
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Punjabi language is considered to be a successor of which language?
sbaaz prakrit?. 21 Nov '13.
Ishanmakkar Devnagri.... 21 Nov '13.
when was the Anandpur Resolution Adopted ?
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who amoung the following is related with anjuman-i-mohsiban-i-watan ??
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Where is the science city of Punjab?
sbaaz kapurthala. 21 Nov '13.
How many divisions and sub-divisions in PUNJAB?
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Ishanmakkar @NavKaur New division is Ropar not pathankot... 23 Nov '13.
Rahul939 Awards: Saraswati Samman: annual award for outstanding pr.... 23 Nov '13.
Where are mini Olympics are held in PUNJAB ?
Ishanmakkar Ludhiana. 21 Nov '13.
sbaaz kila raipur. 21 Nov '13.
Which city of Punjab is famous for furniture goods?
Ishanmakkar kartarpur. 21 Nov '13.
it officer ques paper sent by @Ishanmakkar
pdf file
nav89 thanku 22 ji:). 20 Nov '13.
Plz send or provide link for previous papers for IT officer in Punjab cooperative bank...
sapangrewal thnks @sbaaz . 22 Nov '13.
Prabh78 recruit.nitttrchd.ac.in/pscb/images/result_ito.pdf.... 25 Nov '13.
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@nexus.anonymous @bankingaspirant @availpranav @coolparul007 @Ishanmakkar @harman3318
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Ishanmakkar @bankingaspirant veere kinne aaye ae tuhade no.?. 18 Nov '13.
bankingaspirant @Ishanmakkar veere, mere 138 hai officer scale 1 ch.. :.... 19 Nov '13.
@bankingaspirant @sbaaz @Ishanmakkar @harman3318 @ranjitmehma bhai, Kise ka pass Previous year paper hai kya Food Inspector ka??? Kise na koi Book Purchase ki ho jis main Paper ho!!!!
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bankingaspirant @availpranav @nexus.anonymous yaar tusi dono eligible h.... 13 Nov '13.
Prabh78 anyone having previous year paper of Food supply inspecto.... 28 Nov '13.
@sbaaz @nexus.anonymous Date 4 MANGAER Exam is 29 DECEMBER 2013 !!
BEST OF LUCK guys..hope we all go through
nexus.anonymous Same to you bhai. 03 Nov '13.
valleyed.poet bhai clerk ki date ? @bankingaspirant . 11 Nov '13.
@sbaaz My MBA Date Sheet Out...Exams starting from 20th Nov - 13th Dec ( Will cover all the exams of Cooperative & IBPS )
Till then LOTS of ASSIGNMENTS 2 complete + VIVA'S..
FOOD INSPECTOR exam not looking good...
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bankingaspirant internal karke ta meri saari % age bandi aa..baaki ta mai.... 28 Oct '13.
sbaaz yaar viva v koi padh ke dinda hunda....tu PTU da naam kha.... 28 Oct '13.
Is there any specific book for the preparation of cooperative bank exams and FCI..? Please suggest if there is any
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sbaaz mere naal v hunda kade kade ...tension not. 31 Oct '13.
bankingaspirant accha jee..pher theek aa..chall parhai karla gippy grewal.... 31 Oct '13.
Does anyone have previous food inspector paper of 2010 and 2011??..plz share..
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    @sbaaz Mod saab ki haal chall hai..kive chaldi tyaari PO di..????
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    sbaaz nahi koi table ya chart nahi c aaya...sab simplification .... 22 Oct '13.
    bankingaspirant @sbaaz mere valo 5 LIKES :p . 22 Oct '13.
    Candidates who have applied for functional Manager post, have you noticed one thing. In advertisement they have mentioned nothing about the experience required,but in application form they are asking have we got the said experience as per advertisement? Also at one point they asked if we have ...
    gs00071241 Till now i havnt yet filled its form.but i would have fil.... 29 Oct '13.
    ranjitmehma Me too having experience in iGate, but how many years of .... 29 Oct '13.
    Guys lets start discussing how to prepare food inspector exam...what all grey areas to target here....anyone who has previously given this exam can share his experience.My few friends who joined as food inspector in 2010 has left the job by now....dont know why but its a fact... any book u would ...
    gautam.90 1functional 2. food insp 3. assistant man 4. IT offic.... 17 Oct '13.
    gs00071241 As per salary I feel their salary is same...just grade pa.... 17 Oct '13.
    Hi guys...how was the experience today of the exam....please share your genuine attempts nd expected marks...when will the result be out...???
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    muzuk @harman3318 veere....je tussi mind na karo, may i knw te.... 14 Oct '13.
    Rahul939 @gs00071241 hi bro plzz tell me how you prepared for IT .... 21 Nov '13.
    Hi guys...how was the experience today of the exam....please share your genuine attempts nd expected marks...when will the result be out...???