Public Sector Exams for Engineers/MBA/CA Jobs & Careers


Being with PG into PG and For PG from August till now I gained a lot in this virtual world.For me its a knowledge base,recreation to be here.Found so many people with so many avenues to look for.Whenever I am here I just think I am late I should have been associated with PG right from the first year of engineering.But "mool mantr" for good life is "never regret for wrong" and "never justify ur wrong deed".
For all I should say "dere is always Unexplored area to be explored" for people who are new and specifically for engineers I am starting this thread just because I am a 2009 pass out and gave approxinately 20-25 PSU exams cleared 6-7 of them but couldnt make it finally in interviews.The thread is started for a purpose I may not say its anti-MBA its just another avenue to be explored because people might not know what they are destined to so its just another option for engineers/MBA's/CA's
Off campus PSU exams such as:

16.EKT(Air FOrce)

These are the exams which covers PSU and research companies and strictly no GATE discussions here as preparations for GATE and PSU exams vary a lot.
Shoot up with ur doubts PSU is also a gr8 avenue with hefty packages and chill life.

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    Dude as u r in 2nd year right now its time for you to decide whether u wanna go for tech or management side(CAT and oder exams) then only you can excel in one field just not to deviate from topic
    Mechanical branch is diamond hell lot of opportunities in mechanical My frens who were "Gundaas" i...
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    Thanks for an indepth view,
    also, do tell me about the work environment and the post they offer for fresher and how the, increment takes place,
    i noe tat PSU r very slow in tat regard :drinking:. But still is there any fixed time period or does it depend on performance
    thankyou for starting this thread i have no knowledge abt PSU exams and want to have knowledge abt it never heard abt it before.i m pursuing my mech engg and i m in 2nd yr now and want to know psu exams available for mech engg and the scope they offer
    nice initiative mbafrmfms:cheerio:
    See dude I would love to answer ur query but there are very less PSU exams for Computer science but this year ONGC was blessing in disguise for CSE students
    So PSU exams for CSE are:-
    1.SAIL(exam conducted on 12 Dec 2010)
    2.BPCL(notification is out for 2010)
    3.DRDO(notification expect...
    3 3
    For ECE branch of engineering I admit that seats are too less in PSU's as far as competetion is consider.More students/candidates for less number of seats.For ECE students beast research company is DRDO then priority wise is ISRO.Coming to public sector:
    I would suggest you some companies and ...
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    hey guys!!
    I am a B.E- computer science graduate with 7.97 cgpa. could you suggest me some exams where they take B.E (CSE) enggrs?
    Hey Buddy,
    I want to have a back up plan, I don want to get stuck in this IT industry , Please suggest some alternative and the best one out of this lot for Electronics and Communication field, and also wud like to have some knowledge bout air force, my dream....
    A very good initiative.. :cheerio:
    It will create a whole lot of range to the fellow puys,
    not many puys here have accounted to stress on this section, I don have much of knowledge about the PSU's , would like to have an indepth insight into each of the organisation and the scope...