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hi guys
Let us keep this thread for discussion about online application to probationary officers exams of banks like SBI, Corporation Bank etc.
So what about carrying discussions about BPO tests model papers etc here in this thread? :D :D
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Cheers and best of luck!

I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
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has no body time to guide and bring me out of this dilemma.
Hey all,
Does any one got SBI ASSOCIATE bank PO admit card?
One important thing to ask does SBI upload the ADMIT CARD on the site, please reply.
Thanks a lot in advance.
well yaar u should have send the application a couple of days back.....u cant rely on indian postal service...can u?
khair ab u can do I thing......dont kno hw much it is feasible....
u can send the courier to a frnd in mumbai ASAP...and tell him to post this letter in that post box persona...
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From my experience:
If written is there then if we sent document without attested from gazated officer else we do self attested then the form is not rejected. They will check it in interview time(If they ask for attested but not specified clearly said it to attested from gazatted officer)........
its always aggregate dude...for all the semesteres/years subjects....
puys sorry for re-quoting my query but its urgent...pls anyone reply asap as i need to send the form right here right now...
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is it necessary to have 55 aggregate for SBI PO? I have secured 67% in last year BE and 55.4% aggregate in BE :splat::splat:, so does I eligible for PO exam?
yaa absolutely......
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Kindly someone answer this plz....
puys a quick query for Punjab & Sind Bank PO application...
Do we need to send an attested copy of our 10th, 12th and graduation marksheets or just normal photocopy will do...???
Ravi Bhai aap to senti ho gaye yaar PD aur BSC ke liye..Indeed they are the building block study materials for success in any PO but it lot depends upon you as a person how u study and derive from it..
like which indian recently got Grammy award?
for which song?
what is your veiw on SRK and Shiv sana issuse?
and some GA questios like
tell me name of all fundamental rights?
J&K; have status of Special state what is that and which section of constitutionthis kind of power?
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I agree with u guys....Its very easy to say that this book is not good or that book is not good...the point is select a book which best suits u....
1-2 good book will suffice....if u know something very well then why the hell u wud waste time on doing that thing again and again....
u should...
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Plz help .Can someone who got Allahabad bank admit card take a little pain and shortly describe the main & important points + some descriptive sample questions which are in the booklet ? I didnt got the admit card and taking printout online.
Can u give some examples of Current affair questions??
Pls reply..................
Thanks in advance...................
ok i gave my GD/PI on 13 Feb at Patna.there were no GD instead of GD there is CASE STUDY.they gave 3 min time to read case and after that there were open discussion on case for 5-7 min.
this is an elimination round so make sure you speak in discussion give 3-4 points.
after our discussion t...
Regarding ICICI gd/pi experiences,search the following thread........
Hope it helps...................
I have one query relating to Bank PO.
I graduated from Delhi University in August 2008 and after that gave various exams for MBA. Though I got admissions in various MAT affiliated colleges, but my aim was to get into top B-Schools. I tried for various clerical jobs in banks and got job in Stat...
@ ravikant,
yup u r right,i also got selected as a PO in central bank of india and its just coz of PD and BSC publication.....i too love PD a lot..its more than enough for PO bt read it with full concentration and read atleast 4 months PD before appearing for ny PO xam
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