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Hi guys
Is there anyone here preparing for PRM or have completed it ?:neutral:
I have just started :satisfie: have to complete before september last week:(
we can discuss different things related to this ?:neutral:
How is it compared to FRM valuewise ? [smiley] ??:
more info here...
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hi can anyone share the total cost for writing the exam 1 prm.. including the registration fee,study material fee...
@Moneybhai No...I don't think any1 has the excel workbook....i realise that it contains the data n formulae.....but in case you want to learn a specific method or simulation technique....if you jus google it you'll get it....
@quant_riski: Thank you. Any of you guys have the excel workbook, which contains all the data and formulae. Based on this excel workbook illustrations in the PRM handbook are worked out.
I just had the older handbook.. and took the mock test on eduleap.. that should suffice.
Hey guy, Can pl. let me know which edition of PRM handbook is valid and relevant for exams in 2013? Thank you..!
@quant_riski I have already cleared all the exams :)...jus wanted u to give a detailed info so dat students in the future cud make an informed decision.....for exam 4 i didn't buy any papers and riskprep doesn't provide as well. Its quite easy, jus read the case studies 2-3 times and understand w...
@srujan90 The have mock tests modeled on the actual exam itself.. the prm 3 mock test i gave had 30qtns and was timed for 2hrs.. gave a good simulation of the actual exam... i got 22/30 there.. got better in the actual exam 24 u can chk it out eduleap.inNyone given exam 4 pls help!
@quant_riski That wil surely help the students in the future....i didnt know about eduleap....so please do post some more details bout eduleap....about how many questions r der in the question bank...the cost etc....so that it'll be helpful for others who might wana give in the future...n btw Con...
I just gave got my prm exam 3 result.. passed :)!! had taken both risk prep and eduleap mock test.. eduleap is better, questions were closer the actual exam. riskprep has more questions but mostly very simple.
@Hermz Sure...All the best :)
@srujan90 Thanks. Will do. I will update you on my progress. I am hoping to write the exam mid January
@Hermz Thanks!! :)...well...for exam 1..its a vast portion...so read the handbook 2-3 times....then practice questions frm risk prep....in case u dont understand some concepts of derivatives or debt market....use some texts...like derivatives by John C. Hull n Debt Market by Frank J. Fabozzi....t...
Hello srujan90, Congrats on your achievement. I am currently preparing for exam one and i find your post were extremely helpful. Congrats also vicky113. Any tips for exam 1? BTW anyone from the Caribbean doing this exam, as i reside in the caribbean.
@srujan90 well thank you. my email id is shaleen.login@gmail.com. il keep in touch if you could provide me with yours
@sha13 All the best!! :)
@srujan90 thank you very much.. i will take the advice.. and will prepare accordingly.. sorry for replying a little late. i am planning to pay and activate risk prep today. il try and take it one paper at a time.
@sha13 Thanks!...same to u :)....the study material is in depth....and i tried to study it in depth...u shud do the same to improve ur knowledge in the field....and the questions r moderately tough....not so tough dat u wont pass....but no so easy as well....jus understand the concepts well....a...
@srujan90 happy diwali srujan.. and thank you. yeah.. i just wanted to prepare well for the exams. btw is there any preparation pointers you could give. cause the study material is quite in depth but the sample questions i have seen till now dont require the candidate to go in depth as far as the...
@sha13 I have cleared all the exams with the help of riskprep only. I haven't tried eduleap so I cant give u a comparison but I can tell u dat riskprep was gud enuf for me.
yeah even i want to know.. which one is better, riskprep or eduleap. because i do want to understand the level of questions n the type of questions asked in the exam.