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Hi everyone ,
This thread is to help out all those guys who by some how r not able to get placed in their campus recruitment ( s/w jobs) & r in a dilemma that what they shuld do after eng in case if they r not able to get jobs before complt their engineering or not able to get admission in goo...
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deepa_c Says
What are the options for non-placed electronics and Instrumentation engineer?

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    What are the options for non-placed electronics and Instrumentation engineer?
    if u want to do MBA from top 25 b-schools than i want to know that which are those inst. that make top 25.
    cos every mag. is sold to some inst. and gives fake info.
    so make a wise decision while choosing b school
    ya even i dont have appetite for doin MBA from MP.
    i m doin engg. from w...
    hey dude thanx for ur advice but I m not pessimisitic in any way its just tat presently i m not in a good state to crack cat & after few months eng wuld be over so a bit worried .As far as ims is concerned then dude then I dont want to settle for lesser than any top notch b schools(top 25 hope I ...
    similarities B/w us
    both from indore
    both 7th sem engg. students
    both have mba dreamz
    u are little pessimitist i am damn optimist
    i m enggineer & i respect myself and my degree
    almost all b-school gives preference to ENGGINEERS
    when u are in coll like GS ( ...
    thanx dude . My branch is I.T & my college name is S.G.S.I.T.S Indore having a very good reputation in the state . Right now having my 7th sem exams .
    Acads near abt 65 . but our degree is calclulated in this way 100 % of final yr ,20 % of 3rd yr ,10% of 2nd yr & no weightage to 1st yr so sti...
    see yaar
    doin MBA aint a big deal
    u can do MBA and fetch a job of around 3.5 l per annum
    u are an engineer yaar ...respect ur self
    but problem is high fees of Bschools ...... with 3.5 per annum in city like bang. mum. etc it is tough to repay loan.
    actually if u want some good ad...
    As an engineer one would develop good investigative/troubleshooting skills. IT industry pays good for these skills. CCNA/MCSE helps get system background. Also, if you have acquired some programming skills specially php/asp.net, but you do not like programming, technical support give most rewardi...
    KPO's do higher end work than BPO's requiring more judgemental and decision skills rather than pure rule oriented. chk evalueserve, irevna etc for their profile.
    a typical case interview will be: project Indian PC requirement for 2007. you have to ask relevant questions like including govt, pv...
    hey ,wht is kpo & can u plz elaborate abt case studies wht r they ,how to prepare for them etc .As far as place is concerned I guess blore is more cool dunno much abt the places .
    suggestions always welcomed .
    hey prj..
    bizskool has given a lot of info.. one more thing.. im more interested in joining a kpo(bhagwan na kare aisa karna pade:wow: ) bcuz the experience of working in a kpo wud be v useful when trying for mba in future.. from india or abroad.. do prepare well for case studies if going for ...
    Both IT and BPO/KPO jobs are available in plenty in Bangalore or NCR. Keep your tech skills and commncn skills brushed up for interviews(sound in at least one prog language and one OS). practice aptitude, puzzles etc for IT/SW tests.
    BPO's in to NW/HW equipment support look for enggs with soun...
    hi catguy I hope u do well in ur cat I agree with ur plan but can u give me some more details . I guess i may do the same but I wuld prefer bangalore becoz dont know much abt delhi & for that matter dont even know abt bangalore but still Bangalore wuld be easier for searching for jobs .
    i am facing similar problems as you as i too am jobless and can very well understand your situation.. but im sure ill do well in cat so im a little less worried.. ill suggest you the plan i have..
    after gds n pis, i plan to go to kpo companies in feb-march in and around delhi..there...
    hello friends this thread was started to help out all those students who culdnt get placed in campus ,culdnt perform well in b school exams(cat ,snap jmet etc) ,wht shuld they do after their engineering & are in quandry abt their future so all those ppl who are already placed & also those who wer...
    not sure abt training inst ... i have heard about CRANES software bangalore, they are pretty good . they give training to even employed ppl in wipro etc...courses are embedded and DSP mainly .
    bpo - i dont know much . pg has bpo thread... check up
    i hope that u'd be having placement after 7th sem exams also.
    if u prep for CAT and other Entr Tests then campus shdnt matter u.
    u'd be able to crack any campus int apti...
    Even if u dont get job at the worst case after may/june.
    u can have off campus drives ex...
    Thanx buddy for giving me your valuable suggestions I hope I would be able to work according to ur suggestions If dont get anywhere . Can u plz elaborate abt those good IT courses that u mentioned .Wht kind of courses are they & how effective are they & wht is the duration etc kindly throw some m...
    chill buddy ,
    what i would suggest is keep trying for jobs , apply apply and apply .
    IT industry is booming like anything .
    decide - whether yo need work ex or you need MBA
    if you need workex - then goto places like bglr , delhi , hyd stay with ur friends and try job searching throu...