1986_mits Bhai logo anyone having any information about GT 13 yaar .... 28 Jul '13.
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i'm from cse i called for only programming
pritish78 @Ongc_Guy i am from IT field gave GT-2012 didnt clear can.... 26 Apr '13.
@Ongc_Guy what's ur branch dude...l no one told that he is from ele and qualified for both ele and mm...what does that mean... no ele person qualified for mm?
how many guys called from many disiplines are these guys are toppers on marks or any other basis......
@ashrivastava88 thnks
hmm wo to h bt d moment u score d minimum cutoff intrvw(which i m v sure u will)...u r in
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@pagalO its domain wise for sure, but inside the domain, i dont have any idea how they have called.
@ashrivastava88 no interview process is formaility because in EIL topper is not selected because there have a individual cuttoff for interview and he did't clear it and ongc also have individual cuttoff so be ready for a fantastic interview.......
15th Jan .. Mech .. called for 4 streams ..
@pagalO start from 7 jan and my interview at 8 feb so it may be more than 1 month...
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pritish78 @Ongc_Guy  i am from IT field gave GT-2012 didnt clear ca.... 26 Apr '13.
@pagalO I have it on 9th jan Branch Mech
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@pagalO yup, one of my friend frm mech has interview on 13th jan
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@deesinghpar kya formality yaar..interview z always the deciding factor. written k marks me jyada variation nahi hota. waise ab itne bure din dekh chuke ki achchhe din bhi aayenge, yakeen hi nahi hota...
anyways, a very hearty congratulations to you too....:-)
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for how many streams u hv been called???
@pagalO koi nh bro intzar ka fal bht meetha hota h...hehehhe
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@ashrivastava88 wowww mny mny cngts...tmhra to intrvw formality ka hi bacha h...
mine only production
ur stream???
@deesinghpar :tnx a lot sir..hop u mak it to d final list and com out wid flying colors..!!
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By god's grace i'm through.So....Happy
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icecool11 branch?. 25 Mar.
@deesinghpar qualified for all four streams meant for chemical...
prod, chem, mm and reservoir.......
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@ecetrip dnt b so much formal yaar...
m chem genrl
xpctd arnd 90-100...in 4 production...
as u r frm ece ...,i think, ur cutoff may vary
bt i thnk arnd 100 is a safe score 4 ny stream
hope it helps
@ashrivastava88 ur selection ws alwaz sure yaar...
d questn is u 4 hw mny streams??