ONGC 2012-OCT GT exam Jobs & Careers

Whosoever is preparing for the ONGC 2012 Oct GT exam please share their views and other info related to the exam, and whosoever is not appearing for the exam can as well express the views.. [smiley]
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wat a writeup man!! fantastic articulation of ur experience...u are a true gem on this thread....hope u get both HAL & ONGC and that confuses ur mind which to choose from!!!
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Yup! ONGC hai bhai!!!!!! kuch bhi kar sakti hai :P
@ all- hum kuch dino k liye...bahar kya gaye..ki iss thread ne apna rang badal diya... :(bachao bachao.....mujhe :)
@Shashwat2012 @SCORPENE @ravirockz @neetha123 @mohit100 & odrz...lets hv peace & discuss only ONGC.....& GOD said..let dr b peace in ONGC GT 2012 thread !!!!
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@yk_srk That too after coming to know from pagalguy and checking the mail but couldnt see and later found in SPAM folder..:P
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Going by the general trend, i will not be surprised if result comes directly through email
Imagine the shock, one fine morning you are accessing your Gmail (if you are using any other email service still, well........) and there is the result email.
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@Shashwat2012 @gags_assam @SCORPENE @ravirockz & others.... :)
My HAL MT 2012 Interview Experience :
Name : Anirban Bhattacharya
Branch : Mechanical
Category : General
Date : 8th Dec. Bengaluru (i didnt meet wd any pagalguyz..ohh shit)
Centre : Venue 1, HMA
Document Verifica...
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@totalgovtjobs Hey no adv's please. Its against forum rules.
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for ongc result visit and bookmark this third party link http://www.totalgovtjobs.com/2012/11/ongc-gt-results-2012-ongc-graduate.html
can anybosy plz tell me, what is the or was the criteria of this exam? I am a Btech in IT
www.eonlineapply.com is third party yar..
www.eonlineapply.com/ongc -------------its for ONGCwww.eonlineapply.com/ritestest ------------for RITES
like that many will be there.So if eonlineapply wala's server down.. it will not be accessible.. No where related to ONGC.They may use or mayn...
friends any idea when are the results going to be declared??
ONGC ke IT waley bandey majey le rahe hain!

15 seconds ke liye site timeout kar dete hain aur utmein hamare dil ki dhadkan bad jati hai

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    ..................! back to 500 again..>error status!!
    wish...this few minutes dn't end up with few days!!!! he..he..he
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    oh god..fed uppppppp....hoslon se veer ho...sankato mein dheer ho..dushmano ke peer ho... mere ishwar ke saharay mein yuhi balbir ho...
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    kabhi ERROR 500 to kabhi 400.
    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to www.eonlineapply.com
    Other users are also experiencing difficulties connecting to this site, so you may have to wait a few minutes...(wat is dis..?)
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    @ all guys again that GT 2012 link is not opening.. i guess ONGC is trying to make a fool out of us...
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