What next after BE? Jobs & Careers

I am a BE computer science 2007 passout. Not placed anywhere till now. Tried cat and other exams; no luck this year!. I am planning to write CAT 08. I don't want to spend the entire one year preparing just for CAT and doing nothing else. I want to do some course which will supplement me to get in...
if BE result is good.... can consider getting a scholarship for your Master degree... if not consider saving up for the next few year and decide which career path for you


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best bet for you "complete CFA level 1"
After completing you will get job also.
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yaar u can also become a pilot. try getting the training which usually lasts for 1.5-2 yrs though exp is around 20 lacs . bu u know salaries of pilots its 2-5lacs per month...:)
and ca/ cs is no cakewalk. u need to put 12-15 hrs atleast to pass them an still 5-10% pass it. Infact CA is toug...