MCA or MSc CA or MSc- IT Jobs & Careers

hi guys,
ive got admission in MSc CA in SICSR and i got 99.33 percentile in MAH-MCA-CET

can u please suggest me which is the better option to choose ?

and the future benefits of both the courses ( both in terms of package and knowlegdge) !

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Kindly post this query in this thread http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/mat-state-level-cet-related/52125-2010-11-good-mat-business.html
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Dude, you might get VJTI with that percentile. Go with with CET. If it would have been MBA-IT in SICSR then would have been a different approach. But in comparison with MSc go with MCA.
Btw any idea what I might get with 91.7 percentile? Just as backup option.