MBA in HR from TISS Jobs & Careers

hello frds, Just wanted to know how much salary package should I expect after doing MBA-HR from tata institute of social studies (TISS). Does MBA in HR has got as much returns as others. Thanks in adv.
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I am not an MBA, hence; I have to use my brains.
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i would like to know which entrance test is required to join "Tiss"
Have done the needful!!
PS:Mods plz do the needful as thread already exists....!!
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Tell this to the guy who started this thread ;)
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U can put this up on the TISS thread dude/dudette - no need of a separate thread for a personal question...
By the way TISS doesnt offer an MBA - it offers an M.A. in HRM and LR... its a specific course in HR itself... and yeah - the placements are very much on par with the other institutes......
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