Marketing and Sales in Wipro Jobs & Careers


can anyone tell me how is a job in Marketing and sales in wipro...anyone working in that dept in wipro, please shed some light about the nature of job etc etc ...

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hey mike,
so u worked in hcl infosys is it?? me got a sales job there too.. tell me abt the work there dude.. i'd like to know how it's gonna be.. really tedious??
please reply man!
Hmm....the Andheri (E) office (Saki-Vihar Road) is the office where the services team functions from. The sales gfuys work out of the Vile Parle office. Who is the person (as in designation and division) who's issued the call? That should give an idea of the role you have been considered for. Als...
hey mike
i am from mumbai and have a call from their andheri(e) office...and if you say that the job will be primarily field....i have thought of not going for the interview...
this is some thread man!!
I have been in IT sales for 1.5 years now.. our line of business is datawarehousing and business intelligence solutions.. working for a company called saama technologies...guys think twice aboput comming to sales specially in IT ( cant comment about other verticals...
hey mike
thanks for the info...i have an interview from them tomorrow..thought i would go and give it a shot..have a year of exp in s/w dev and an offer from iflex..b
interested in marketing and with cat screwed up thought this kind of a job would be good for mba prospects...
anyway dont...
1. Wipro, HCL or any IT organization will generally look for Engineers (in the non-MBA ranks). In freshers, they look for people who have good communication skills, are not brilliant in their acads (those r the types who'll run away n do an MS :D:D ) They want people whom they feel can face press...
so MVB.. what sort of peepz does Wipro look for S&M; Jobs ??? and the type u mentioned in the 1st para.. its a sales-man job rt ?? so whats the diff. b/w a sales manager and a sales man.. I know the answer.. but whats the diff. takin Wipro into consideration..?
I'm in the Marketing division at Wipro, Mumbai. Dude, first things first. Do you really want to do sales????? It's a f*cked up job and really irksome. Unless you re willing to roam around in the sun and visit all sorts of idiots (customers!) and listen to all sorts of trash (ur customers as well ...
Ok so as long as we toking abt jobs at WIPRO...tell me...how do u get a job there
I mean ne decent jobs besides call centre ones for B.Com 1st div grads in Wipro?