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Hello puys
As you know IAI Welcome to the Institute of Actuaries India is conducting an Entrance test Entry Exam for the first time
for student membership this is a dedicated thread for the exams going to be held on 28/29th of january/2012.
Syllabus for Entrance
ACET - Sylla...
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icecool11 So is it necessary to have job to pursue IAI exams? actu.... 25 Dec '13.
gmona340 ACET is an objective paper or subjective...??. 05 Mar.
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@Blu_Dragon i think u need to take some coaching or atleast have some proper reference book...the material provided wont b sufficient...and its conceptual..idk abt others, but its definitely not that easy...
Please someone answer this query. I have the same query.
Any plus two books will do. Don't get hyper tensed. Only 3 weeks of study from study material only is more and much much more than enough to clear ACET.
Well end of Jan is not far from Start of Feb now
But number of candidates is expected to increase by some 70%. Results may get bit delayed. We all hope it come out quickly and the suspense ends sooner.
Hi Guys,
As i can appear for ACET paper in June'13 hence i will get study material till may'13. Can you please refer me some good books for stats and mathematics so that i can start my preparation??
Thanks in advance!!
@Blu_Dragon Looking at previous year results, it is safe to assume in the last of Jan'13
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    @annupruthi I could no more see an individual result page which will show only ur name and result...rather I could see only a PDF on the website...so i took the print out of the page in which my name with candidate id and result is there...i know the page contains many other candidates rsults,....
    @sravans can u plz tel which marksheet of acet is req?d printout of js written pas or d whol result wid ma name highlighted? plz rply asap
    as in membership form there r 2 points b) During the Financial Year i.e. April to March, whenever the admission is taken, the subscription will be applicable only for that financial year e.g.:- For admission taken on 2nd March 2013 subscription will be valid till 31st March 2013. The subscript...
    for ct1,do self stdy is enough from stdy material or propr coaching is required for it?
    omg....u serious...mannn...thats so late...
    February 2013
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    @Blu_Dragon does anyone has a idea has to when the ct nov 2012 results r coming out?????
    @akaall : the study material should be available the moment your membership id is created. Just login and purchase the study material, without any further waste of time. :)
    Hi Am planning to appear in CT1, 2 3 & 4 ....can someone share the study material for any of the course so that I can initiate my studies....since it will take some time to register..thanks
    @sravans perfecto....send them asap
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    i cleared ACET and got my markesheets verfied by bank manager with a stamp and signature ... he is Assistant General Manager of SBI... will this suffice... kindly let me know..
    thank you.. also my photocoipes of markesheets have been signed and stamped by my university .. is this also fine... ...
    Clear ACET and purchase it from IAI
    from the above posts, am i right in assuming that next acet will be held in june'13 and CT exams after that in Nov'13?? then can i start preparing for CT exams and clear 3 in Nov if i start my slow preparation now? and if i want to prepare where can i get the material for it?