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hi puys... PO3 interview result is on hold , it can come any time.
in the mean time, all IBPS RRB qualified puys, you can presently apply for following Banks:
1. chhattisgarh gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
2. baroda gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
3. narmada jhabua gramin bank <...
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anilnavy82 Guys I got 66 - PO 3 - OBC Category ........my interview .... 06 Feb.
ajay13 @anilnavy82 u will get 100% . 06 Feb.
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anybody gave sebi paper..plz share ur experience...
guys, any tip to prepare for the general awareness and computer knowledge... i gave the rrb paper and found GA to be very tough there..... kindly help me to shortlist the core areas about the changing pattern of GA....
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manishg3011 @ROGER-THAT Thanks buddy :) . 30 Sep '13.
meet_maddy thanks manaschat and ROGER-THAT. 03 Oct '13.
Someone please explain about selective credit control in simple terms...
dimpyrawal @Sanga11 the RBI issues restrictions on bank advances a.... 30 Sep '13.
Sanga11 Thank you @dimpyrawal . . 01 Oct '13.
A total of 250 students of class play diff. games football, hockey,chess,badminton,table tennis and tennis. The ratio of girls to boy in class of 250 is 13:12 respectively.50 percent of girl play table tennis and badminton only. 20 percent of boys play football,hockey and tennis only. 15 percent ...
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If i give my RRB PO EXAM 4m Karnataka Centre...then i will be eligible for selection @ All india Level...or only for Vaccancies in KARNATAKA State ??

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    hello can you tell me please what are the exact date of po in October ?and a particular book for gk only plzzzzzzz
    priya.23 dates of exam are 19, 20,26 & 27...... 28 Sep '13.
    ankitg8975 thankx and about the gk book ? any suggestion . 28 Sep '13.
    are ye gk ka koi end nehin....lagta hai ki gk amar bardan paya hai......
    Cut off kitne ho sakti hai hai iss baar.....because i am not able to prepare because of RBI phase-2 ...luck k sahare dunga paper..any idea puyzz?????
    amitdhama99 @baraniskai dude wass up???? kya chal rha hai aajkal.. . 30 Sep '13.
    baraniskai @amitdhama99 ...kch nahi sir..bas thdi bhot tayyari n xa.... 30 Sep '13.
    koi bacha lo hame....
    mera general awareness section koi clear karwa do bhai...............
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    kplight GA wali thread ka link de do bhai @nikskrish . 28 Sep '13.
    nikskrish @kplight www.pagalguy.com/forums/jobs-and-careers/curren.... 28 Sep '13.
    anyone who attend the pre examination training of IBPS PO 3 plz guys share the examination pattern we r in lots of confusion.........................
    Nisha4 i think its starting frm 3rd... :) . 28 Sep '13.
    shinyboy are plz sb share ur training exprnce . 28 Sep '13.
    In today RRB PO MORNING SESSION EXAM , one question based on sitting arrangement stated that 7 people i.e. J K L M N O P are sitting in a circular manner. But they asked the question with relative to "I " position... I means INDIA wala "I"
    Blood_sucker was 8. 28 Sep '13.
    availpranav 8 the yaar .. and itne asan question nahi ate po3 mein. 29 Sep '13.
    Ibps only allocates to particular bank then how do bank do posting.
    Ayush01 Any particular bank allocates majorly on business require.... 22 Oct '13.
    who can solve this...??? Let me see.. 5+6+7=30,35,867+5+8=35,56,385+2+4=10,20,629+4+3=? , ?, ?
    RawHul @Nisha4 @sumit99 @ozzy786 either I am missing some gr.... 30 Sep '13.
    dimpyrawal @Nisha4 I understood 23 mein 3 kaise aaya but 2 kaise aa.... 01 Oct '13.
    hey guys give me d link for mahendra's online test series /speed test link....if any of you have already subscribed pls help me wd d steps also..
    vamso @RamKishna @kooljais practice tests are past exams you .... 01 Oct '13.
    kooljais ooppssss....sry fr misinfo @vamso :/ nd thanks for ackn.... 01 Oct '13.
    uys r u sure about ibps po3 examination criteria???becoz now mahendra institude also change there speed test format and include 50 questions in quan and reasoning..................it is case a of doubt plzzzzz if u guys have any source for exact examination format post here the link so i assure m...
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    kasi.evani @ashu2611 @jibin1991 @ratnasen see i was right... now.... 03 Oct '13.
    jibin1991 looks like exam will be tougher this time. . 03 Oct '13.
    @sandu11 Here it is..there was no scope of attachment ..so sending it here..
    pdf file
    sandu11 @fluffy thnq. i have exam this afternoon. . 28 Sep '13.
    Guys, which test series is good for IBPS preparation? Is TCYonline any good??
    Anybody having previous year RRB CWE I ASSISTANT paper...pls upload it..
    fluffy Thanks..ya! i got it bdw.. :) . 27 Sep '13.
    sandu11 PO exam was just like clerical exam, except general aware.... 27 Sep '13.
    useful links for finding square & cube root of a no......ibpsexamchacha.com/maths-tricks/trick-to-find-cube-root-of-a-number-wi...ibpsexamchacha.com/maths-tricks/trick-to-find-square-root-of-a-number-...
    to check if a no. is perfect square or not: A perfect square ends in 0,1,4,5,6,8,9. A numb...
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    nikskrish nice one.. thanks :) . 28 Sep '13.
    rishabhgautam thanks man.. grand salute to mithun da.... . 28 Sep '13.
    guys r you sure about PO3 EXAMINATION PATTERN.........many students claim that only 40 questions ask in maths or reasoing but some sites as well as MAHENDRAS also changed there speed test pattern and include 50 questions in each section................PLZ HELP ME.....................
    gudulu 40 questn in each sectn n 4 apti n reasng mark z 50 each .... 27 Sep '13.
    ratnasen mahendra has new pattern. 28 Sep '13.