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hi puys... PO3 interview result is on hold , it can come any time.
in the mean time, all IBPS RRB qualified puys, you can presently apply for following Banks:
1. chhattisgarh gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
2. baroda gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
3. narmada jhabua gramin bank <...
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anilnavy82 Guys I got 66 - PO 3 - OBC Category ........my interview .... 06 Feb.
ajay13 @anilnavy82 u will get 100% . 06 Feb.
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While you all are worried about your performance in IBPS PO 3, I think this will help..!!
@nikskrish bhai ko RBI grade-B ki prformance pe badhaiyan
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amitdhama99 @nikskrish Jitna padha tha us hisaab se to thik hi hua .... 11 Nov '13.
nikskrish @amitdhama99 i knew it :mg: . 11 Nov '13.
Banks in INDIA should seriously reconsider what kind of talent pool they want...!!!
Setting such an abstruse paper would serve NO purpose.Ultimately the cut off would go abysmally LOW(I am talking seriously low..60-70 range) and IBPS would make a mockery of themselves.
Instead they should H...
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ChachaChoudhary @amitdhama99 yaar QA me bus 13 attempt....time mismanage.... 11 Nov '13.
amitdhama99 @ChachaChoudhary Bas bhai kar diya ab bhagwaan bharose h.... 11 Nov '13.
aage se kisi ko bhi samasiya ho kisi bhi type ki toh @ank_mission_IIM a.k.a Prabhu/Godfater se sampark kare JANHIT MEI JAARI,,, @koool.Miike @lobster24 @ruuze @nexus.anonymous and all other puys...
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manishg3011 @koool.Miike @nexus.anonymous buddy suddenly the bharat.... 11 Nov '13.
Dev_MBApagal @koool.Miike @nexus.anonymous kamine log tum bharat nir.... 11 Nov '13.
ye lo jo fake id se abuse posting kr te hai un k liye...
@koool.Miike @lobster24 ab shant ho jayo... us vyakti ko pta chal gaya hai ye PG hai, koi faltu ka forum ni....
PS: screen shot of PMs
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nitinj11 lol. 11 Nov '13.
missionCAT13 :D :D @ank_mission_IIM . 12 Nov '13.
State Bank Of India Technical Officer Recruitment 2013 Qualification : Degree in engineering (Mechanical/ Production/ Electrical/ Electronics/ Chemical/ Pharma/ Textile Technology/ Metallurgy) from a recognized Indian / Foreign University / Institute see more at - http://sapaliga.com/state-ban...
viveksngh55 kisi ke lie kuch nai hai retired aadmi khoj rahe hai @Ga.... 10 Nov '13.
Gato ! @viveksngh55 maine bhi dekha abhi. 10 Nov '13.
Any comments for today's paper?? anyone attempted more than 115???
ank_mission_IIM read my previous posts... if you have done 100 with 90% a.... 11 Nov '13.
varun0097 117. 11 Nov '13.
please everybody respond to this question ,,,,,,,most difficult set ? 19th oct , 20th oct, 26 oct, 27 oct , 9th nov, 10th
nikskrish most difficult 19th .. jinhe koi idea nai tha exam ki pat.... 10 Nov '13.
NehaN03 @Bidhuri007 sabhi ko apni xam date wala set hi difficul.... 11 Nov '13.
IBPS exam was
106 users have answered this question.
Can I apply for the credit or risk domain am a btech in IT @nexus.anonymous @ibpsaspirants20 @bankingaspirant
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    Expected Raw cut-offs-QA-9LR-11VA-8GA-9CA-6OverAll-70
    ratnasen quant should b 5 in our shift it was so long each questio.... 11 Nov '13.
    prasenjit2010 Yaar DI me pictures clear nehi the..so hard to interpret. 11 Nov '13.
    Last SLOT ne maar li......Today's paper was tougher than GRE....!!! Make no Misstakkkeee about it...cut off can be as low as 80 !!! aage nahi likhunga
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    PURITAN @miseera @ChachaChoudhary ok , so rarely do I comment.... 10 Nov '13.
    miseera @PURITAN are you talking about QA :O Then i do agree :.... 10 Nov '13.
    NOw all shifts of IBPS done. Let's have a final polling....................... how much marks you are expecting out of 200 (ofcourse before normalisation) kripya sahi vote dale .........(apka ak galat vote kisi ko heart attack de sakta h)................. dhanaywad...................................
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    AjaySanwal 160+ par kisne vote kiya?????????????. 11 Nov '13.
    AjaySanwal ye option valid nahi h. 11 Nov '13.
    Done with PO3 today(evening session)...
    GA - moderate (bulk from budget and census....few schemes and some easy question)
    Computer - Easy (no surprises here )
    English - difficult ( even cloze test options were identical .... RC's were lengthy too.... attempted 22 overall in this way be...
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    beerpo hey @prashant_kr ur attempt are 115 and u have voted 11.... 11 Nov '13.
    varun0097 117. 11 Nov '13.
    Now Ibps over.Going tomorrow to buy books for my net exam.I scored 60% without studying in June 2013 in management category.Will work hard for JRF. If I get through , will prefer to join Delhi university and then pursue UPSC.But do anybody know that can we leave Ph.d in between if we get selected...
    salainaresh 100000000000 likes for the last line. 10 Nov '13.
    what i found after giving the exam who have better control in their nerves will excel!! in my set first 5 questions of reasoning were very lengthy and confusing.after that some less lengthy questions.so who have not wasted time on those questions are certainly in advantage. funda ---you hav to ch...
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    nikskrish u r in for sure :) . 10 Nov '13.
    sanonlyssc @nikskrish thank u bhai.... 11 Nov '13.
    If God offer me to choose between HELL and facing IBPS exam.... I ll definitely choose Hell
    addy1475 lol :mg: . 10 Nov '13.
    CSK25255 @deepak_bbsr :LOLZ. 10 Nov '13.
    ibps ke cut off ko predict karna utna hi tough h jitna is article ko samaghna
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    UthnkUknwME @jumman014 ... ye RC passage jaisa hai...jo mere exam me.... 11 Nov '13.
    jumman014 kaash ye mere exam me aaya hota. 11 Nov '13.
    Hi bhaiyon or unki pyari bahno paper de diya h attempts na hi pucho to achha h.Ibps ka paper dene or sare exam reviews padhne ke bad mere ko liberia university wala news yaad news yaad aa raha h.chalo me durgapur ghoomane ja raha hun
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    RamKishna liberia wala to mast news laga tha bhai:). 10 Nov '13.
    nikskrish u r in for sure @amarsaur :cheers: . 10 Nov '13.