IBPS PO/MT 2 Scores Jobs & Careers

Hey Puys This thread is dedicated for updating marks ubtained by our fellow puys. Please post your TWS here and categ
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@Nani1551 : mine 163(gen)
this NOC problem is not letting me study
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but what will u tell them? that u were sitting idle preparing ? i ve been wrkng rm aug-11 cant say i was preparing frm so long!
@PRABHUNADAR i absolutely agree with you. I am :mad: at Ibps
I am the one
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@ i think it is absolutely stupid of IBPS to expect applicants to get NOC from their current employers
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@all - NOC from current employer is equivalent to resigning from current job how do you plan to get the NOC from current employer. please tell me , i have my interview on the 19th of this month
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@Manish1604 on 29, same venue
@ibpsmaster do update us on interview q
@PRABHUNADAR me too bro... mine is on 31st jan..
Yeah, but most of us are having 60% !
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@raghu00 read the common notification correctly u will understand also terms written in call letter better wait and watch :)
Why do you say that? What criteria banks will give?Only one good thing about NOC is that people who already have joined any Bank through IBPS1 will not be attending interview.
@suparnar 28th ... Chennai IOB
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Generally the omr doesn't contain any work ex related info.... I can't be sure about the omr but can only be hopeful and stay positive...
when are the interview starting from the first batch be could know abt noc and other documents ????
@mba85pag yes NOC is compulsry else they would have mentioned only for govt employees
@ratnasen but we were instructed to sent to that gmail id during that time...this is how some of us got our call letter during that time...and you can see i sent the mail in may...
but i guess we filled some info abut exp on the OMR sheet on the day of the exam..that's y i am too worried..if i had mentioned abut my current employer and if NOC is compulsory for private employees too...then we have to see hell before facing the interview itself..
actually when we go to ibps website i go to contact us there also and email id :)