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Hi, [smiley] :
This thread has been opened so as to discuss the queries relating to the IBPS PO exam held on 18th September,2011 as well the supplementary exam which was held in November as I thought there was no specific thread pertaining to IBPS PO exam. :clap::clap::clap:
So shoot your q...
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B I U Post
Dear All puys,
Lets start discussing and preparing for the interviews to be conducted by the banks for the PO post as three banks have already came up with their interview applications.
So if we can post the topics to be studied for the interview and how to prepare for it
yes written exam marks will be included along with the interview marks and on the basis of both rank will be given in the merit list.
as far as 154 marks are concerned , they are ok for the general category n banks are inviting everybody who have valid score cards so we have to work hard for t...
hey you all guys i have scored 154 mks in ibps in general cat. do i hold a chance for the intrvw
and do this written exam marks are included further in the selection process.e
Does any1 know the exact process of the selection
If 150 above is the ideal score for general category, have to build our concepts stronger for the interview session, if wants to stay ahead of mob.................what can we do to reprint our application filled at the time of written exam? as it is required for Union bank interview
It depends completely on your category, For General above 150 Score is said to be ideal and for other Categories anything above 120 will do.
Check sakshieducation.com, bankpo.in
There are lot of websites. You can also Google Bank PO Jobs and you will get loads of websites
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They should have did something like that but they won't. Yes, we have to wait for the Banks notifications and apply. My guess is in this year(By this year I mean the period for which our score card will be valid) we will get max 7-8 banks notifications and after 1 year our score card will expire,...
hey puys is there a thread dedicated to bank po notifications through ibps scorecard... for eg like that of the one union bank has released?
Name: Kanika Ahuja
Reasoning: 47
Quantitative Aptitude:25
General Awarness:35
Computer Knowledge :39
English Lang: 50
Descriptive : 30
Total Weighted Standard Score :186
Category : Gen
what is the procedure now the banks will follow...will they give us a cal to the ppl ...
Hey PUYS !!
Pls help by answering the query....
"Myth Less"
It depends entirely upon the interview panel, yes there are high chances of asking about banking, but just the basics and related current affairs, plus they may also ask about acads, in your case realted to eng, and the biggest and most imp ques of all, why do you want to join a bank when you hav...
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Name : Mohit Singh
Reasoning : 32
Quantitative Aptitude : 24
General Awareness : 27
Computer Knowledge : 36
English Language : 48
Descriptive Paper : 32
Total Weighted Standard Score : 159
Category : SC
i am 24 years old, engineer, with 9 months of Work-ex in Accentur...
This process is so confusing... :(
my query is: We have to wait for bank notifications.. does that mean we keep checking for notifications for all 19 banks?? :O
Don't you all think that is so illogical... for how long shall we keep checking for notifications from these banks?? and even that...
dear All puys
my score is as follows:
english- 30
descriptive- 30
reasoning - 26
quants- 25
GA- 33
computers- 26
category- general
total weighted score-140..........what chances do i have of getting a call from either of the banks?
My Score Card report
analytical reasoning
Total 125
Category SC
Any chance 4 me ?????
Hello Puys,
i would like to know if Banks will shortlist based on the CWE alone, or will it look into Academics too?
and also, will they be having sectional cut-offs too?
i have very bad marks in General Awareness, and i am worried if even after passing the exam, i wont get a call!
Name : Haris Nahas
Reasoning :33
Quantitative Aptitude :34
General Awareness :34
Computer Knowledge :35
English Language :33
Descriptive Paper :33
Total Weighted Standard Score :169
Category : OBC
I'm currently working as CTO (clerical) in SBT and have 2 years experienc...
Any Idea of Minimum Cutoff marks for general catogery .... what you guys think is minimum cut off for each subject !!!!
claculate = english (objective)+english descriptive/2