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hi puys... PO3 interview result is on hold , it can come any time.
in the mean time, all IBPS RRB qualified puys, you can presently apply for following Banks:
1. chhattisgarh gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
2. baroda gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
3. narmada jhabua gramin bank <...
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anilnavy82 Guys I got 66 - PO 3 - OBC Category ........my interview .... 06 Feb.
ajay13 @anilnavy82 u will get 100% . 06 Feb.
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why we call punjab national bank as commercial,scheduled,nationalised bank?explain
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saket21sharma paid up capital should 200cr . 01 Jan.
Sky_is_the_limit @saket21sharma Bhai, Koi Link ho toh de do :) . 01 Jan.
bhai ye NOC kaisa milta hai private company se kisikio idea hai ??
current company ko to pta lag jayega na dat i m leaving ..
koi rasta btao yr..
Nyways happy new year.
rajan30 @sahil7217 thanks yr. 01 Jan.
md_bari NOC is not required for pvt org but if u mentioned work e.... 01 Jan.
bhai hum to engg hai. koi commerce, ca wala bata do how to find the financial health of a company? OR How to analyse a B.S.?
I've encountered dis Q in almost every fin-related interview (almost 90% of the time). So, VRY VRY IMP. IMO
BAAKI. Happy new year to all my dear puys.. PARTY ALL NIGH...
ashmash In the Balance Sheet there are two different columns of A.... 01 Jan.
nifty_mats see dis much I know ki- Assets = Liabilities + Equities. .... 02 Jan.
happy new year to all the p'guys
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    ibps clerk ka reslt agya...ksa rha js jsne dia th
    sanonlyssc cleared... 01 Jan '14.
    Definition of 'Commercial Paper'An unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, typically for the financing of accounts receivable, inventories and meeting short-term liabilities. Maturities on commercial paper rarely range any longer than 270 days. The debt is usually issued at...
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    disha2013 now you are buying at 92 (so you are lending Rs. 92 now) .... 01 Jan '14.
    gmsgautam matlab interest rate ki jagah par discount kyon??????. 01 Jan.
    bhaiyo need ur help, as IBPS asked us to bring OBC certificate in specific format , !! But Department of Personnel Training notified following thing !! Please explain whether I still need to hv that specific format or Not
    pdf file
    rahulgaur666 bhai maine bhi aaj kisi tarah us par signature karwa liye.... 02 Jan.
    rahulgaur666 And i will ask them to give me in written , that they are.... 02 Jan.
    bhaiyo need ur help, as IBPS asked us to bring OBC certificate in specific format , !! But Department of Personnel Training notified following thing !! Please explain whether I still need to hv that specific format or Not
    pdf file
    Happy New Year Friendz :) This is my wish for you all: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith ...
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    rgehlot @maran91 thank you.same to you. . 01 Jan '14.
    maran91 @disha2013 frd thank u :) and ATB for intw :) . 01 Jan '14.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ....to all my friends....May You all achieve what You have been aspiring, whether its CAT/BANK/GATE/PSU/DATE/GF/BF/Spouse......
    All Puyz.... PLEASE WELCOME THE YEAR 2014......
    Sorry, Tag karne baitha to 2014 nikal jayega....itne sare naam hain....almost all ....
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    sona_sony happy new year.... . 01 Jan.
    bangalore30 @Pushpak1987 yaar phle po bn jaaye fir income tax same w.... 01 Jan.
    jinke no. kam aaye hai (60 to 70) wale wo low score ka kya reason dene wale hai ?
    Pushpak1987 dey r not gonna ask u dis question....remain assured budd.... 01 Jan '14.
    kshitij28 they want to know u as a person ur confidence and all, t.... 01 Jan '14.
    Friends, I know its an absurd q'n to ask, but what the Mantra for scoring 80 plus in forthcoming PO interview..I know there's luck factor and all Blah, blah's...But is there any way to make them give you 80 plus..YALKING simply from a non-Fianncial Background POV ie not related to any previous I...
    sanonlyssc a smile till the last moment of interview ,patience ,poli.... 01 Jan '14.
    Wish all pagalguys and gals a very happy and prosperous new year. May all this hard work invested in exam preparation finally bring some good news in 2014
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    Pushpak1987 wish u d same... :) HNY. 01 Jan '14.
    anand.patel. same to u and all the other puys as well.. 01 Jan '14.
    ye axis bank mein foreign investment 62% hone k bad ye kya locha hai..."As a result of the inflow and increase in stake by foreign investors, the bank will turn into foreign-owned, whereby every future investment in seven subsidiaries will be governed by the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)"
    solitary teaches u a lesson....specially when it's haunting on new year eve....given the fact that u have lot of "friends"....n still alone....
    sorry for this off track post....but i could not resist....
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    Pushpak1987 @chemicalsaurabh ha ha haa...i know buddyyy....mere saat.... 01 Jan '14.
    chemicalsaurabh @Pushpak1987 o teri....koi n bhai.... hota h..... 01 Jan '14.
    Hi, hope this would be helpful to you....
    Happy New Year to All...
    Atomdbot happy new year ...... @tinajsph . 31 Dec '13.
    happy new year ..i wish iss saal sab ke naukri lag jaye
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    sanonlyssc same to u.. . 01 Jan '14.
    sumit99 Tumhare muh mai ghee shakkar bhai,kitna accha bolte ho ne.... 01 Jan '14.
    NICL Paper Leaked again .... Holy hell ....... Have some mercy ...... NICL.....
    missionCAT13 These are speculations :) . 01 Jan.
    deepak99 holly hell :wow: looking at the pic hrithik also appear.... 01 Jan.
    Wish u a very happy new year to everyone here!!...
    can anyone explain derivatives?
    mahanteshbdm these are financial instruments that derive their value f.... 01 Jan.