hi puys... PO3 interview result is on hold , it can come any time.
in the mean time, all IBPS RRB qualified puys, you can presently apply for following Banks:
1. chhattisgarh gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
2. baroda gramin bank
last date - 11 feb
3. narmada jhabua gramin bank <...
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anilnavy82 Guys I got 66 - PO 3 - OBC Category ........my interview .... 06 Feb.
ajay13 @anilnavy82 u will get 100% . 06 Feb.
B I U Post
Happy new day...n year........
Wish to do better from previous year....
Enjoy madi....... :)
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mahanteshbdm syndicate bank IT corporate office,koramangala............... 01 Jan.
Mad_IBPS syndicate bank training center, Jayanagar ; 72 score :( . 01 Jan.
@disha2013 can u plz explain Tier 1capital Tier 2 capital and Risk Weighted Assets in simple words. Yar ye economic words samajh hi nhi aa rahe and one thing also CORE CAPITAL of bank
disha2013 Basel I defined two tiers of capital, Tier I capital is .... 01 Jan.
athenaeum.s @disha2013 thanx mam. 01 Jan.
Happy new year puys!!!!!
I had already wished happy new year , last year , expecting 'same to you' this year , lets see what happens
satya1584 same to you dude... . 01 Jan.
I Wish u all Happy New Year...May god bless u all ....
pls explain automated clearing house and electronic clearing system in easy language?...
RBI can give loan to whom ??????
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Atomdbot @rajan30 I think RBI can give loan to a person on a spec.... 01 Jan.
AnimeshG it can give loans to state governments also under the nam.... 01 Jan.
Can anybody tell me how to go BOI Staff Training College,Noida frm NOida city center metro station????
Rajrox12ka4 @Atomdbot thanxxx..... and same to u bro :) . 01 Jan.
Payal111 @Rajrox12ka4 --hws ur Interview,hw were the panelist??. 02 Jan.
Nice line from Ratan Tata's Lecture-If u want to Walk Fast,Walk Alone.Butif u want to Walk Far,Walk Together.How strange it isWe wish to wear high brandsbut we feel most comfortable in pajaymapants.We wish to sit in Taj & Marriot with elitepeoplebut we enjoy roadside tea with friends andwith ppl ...
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anand.patel. wah ye to mein panel ke saamne bhi bol saktaa hoon :mg: . 01 Jan.
satya1584 touching lines....direct from heart(DTH)... . 01 Jan.
happy new year to one and all!is saal to pakka aajana govt job! ATB
ATTENTION Friends, I need some urgent solutions regarding a problem of mine,which may or may not create some negativity about me in INTERVIEW..I hail from WEST BENGAL but due to working purpose used to stay in VADODARA . But in the month of June I Had quit from my job & Until September had to se...
deepak24 this is not going to impact your score ,,,,,,,,actually t.... 01 Jan.
Atomdbot these questions don't matter much....just politely tell t.... 01 Jan.
y banking ??
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RawHul 1. Finance is the field I belong to. 2. Logical and Analy.... 01 Jan.
callmedon nice !!. 01 Jan.
documents self attested hne chahiye ya kisi gazeted officeer se karwane padenge attest????
kamleshp self attested. 01 Jan '14.
why we call punjab national bank as commercial,scheduled,nationalised bank?explain
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saket21sharma paid up capital should 200cr . 01 Jan.
Sky_is_the_limit @saket21sharma Bhai, Koi Link ho toh de do :) . 01 Jan.
bhai ye NOC kaisa milta hai private company se kisikio idea hai ??
current company ko to pta lag jayega na dat i m leaving ..
koi rasta btao yr..
Nyways happy new year.
rajan30 @sahil7217 thanks yr. 01 Jan.
md_bari NOC is not required for pvt org but if u mentioned work e.... 01 Jan.
bhai hum to engg hai. koi commerce, ca wala bata do how to find the financial health of a company? OR How to analyse a B.S.?
I've encountered dis Q in almost every fin-related interview (almost 90% of the time). So, VRY VRY IMP. IMO
BAAKI. Happy new year to all my dear puys.. PARTY ALL NIGH...
ashmash In the Balance Sheet there are two different columns of A.... 01 Jan.
nifty_mats see dis much I know ki- Assets = Liabilities + Equities. .... 02 Jan.
happy new year to all the p'guys
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    ibps clerk ka reslt agya...ksa rha js jsne dia th
    sanonlyssc cleared... 01 Jan '14.
    Definition of 'Commercial Paper'An unsecured, short-term debt instrument issued by a corporation, typically for the financing of accounts receivable, inventories and meeting short-term liabilities. Maturities on commercial paper rarely range any longer than 270 days. The debt is usually issued at...
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    disha2013 now you are buying at 92 (so you are lending Rs. 92 now) .... 01 Jan '14.
    gmsgautam matlab interest rate ki jagah par discount kyon??????. 01 Jan.
    bhaiyo need ur help, as IBPS asked us to bring OBC certificate in specific format , !! But Department of Personnel Training notified following thing !! Please explain whether I still need to hv that specific format or Not
    pdf file
    rahulgaur666 bhai maine bhi aaj kisi tarah us par signature karwa liye.... 02 Jan.
    rahulgaur666 And i will ask them to give me in written , that they are.... 02 Jan.