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hey puys,
Ibps cwe clerk scores are out today. Please share your scores here along with your category and the state you belong to.
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naveen90 jobsadda.in/ibps-recruitment-clerk-recruitment-2013-ibps-.... 14 Aug '13.
VIJITK ibps clerk 3rd round annonced today...notification on web.... 08 Nov '13.
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any chance for me? 122 OBC
@bitsy MY clerical score 122
@P5 Whats your po2 score?????
Provisional certificate is enough.....
@himansu201 thnx :)
@DINAH is ur quali is degree... then degree provisional n convagation is enough....
number kaise denge..?
kya current affairs poonchte ..?
@prateek987 Bhai The panel is similar to the one in MTV Roadies. They can ask u anything.They can be very harsh some times.So be prepared
I have my proviosnl certifict with me. bt for interview they are asking degree certifict. proviosnl cert enough?
hey dude..mera bhi interview hain wahan kal\.!
My interview was held in Baroda house Lucknow gomtinagar.they asked me to sing a song. I sang "Tere Photo ko seene se yaar chipkalu saiyan Fevicol se" with full enthusiasm. They clapped and said very good. Later on they asked me about my hobbies. I said watching TV. They asked me which program o...
@arun044 no.... only they asked me to read any article in d news paper
can any one tell how many students have cleared ibps clerks-2?
@vr7 u can check a few interview experiences here.....
Interview in Indore on 19
Same panel as PO2 except 1
discussion on PO, Previous exams and selection,
u should wait for waiting list,
some question about family
Diff B/w Business and Industry
Selection procedure of President of India, Major work of president, presiden...
guys m frm kerala..m not so comfortable wit reading the regional language (malayalam) so in case they ask me to read the newspaper m screwed! i can talk fluently bt cant read fast enough... hw many marks wil i lose cuz of dis? wil dis completely disqualify me since knowledge of the local language...
@raj.athul malayalee here :D
S. I am from TN
guys i have a query...i have got all the mark sheets and certificates of degree..
and got all the mark sheet of masters degree...but haven't got the certificate yet..
is there going to be any problem during document verification?