Hi !!! Background check Info required : ASAP plz plz plz Jobs & Careers

Hi Friends,
I am a software engineer working in a BIG Indian IT-firm and willing to join another BIG IT-firm very soon. I have received quite a good offer from the latter company.
I have done a small mistake which might cost me dear in future as the new company has a very stringent background-checking policy.
My academic and professional credentials like marksheets, certificates, offer-letter, relieving letter and service-certificate - all are in order but there is one thing which is not mentioned in my service-certificate - that is, the technology I was working in. It's actually Java. The problem is in my first company I was on bench for almost 6 months and in my CV I had shown Java experience during this period also because I didn't want to put 'on-bench' in my CV. Therefore, although I have been employed for 2 years and 6 months in this company, my actual Java experience is only 2 years.
Can the first company act in a vindictive manner during the verification process by disclosing the fact that I lied in the CV?
Do the investigating agencies conduct their investigations till that level?
If they talk to my first company's HR people, will they tell them that I actually had 2 years' and NOT 2 years 6 months' Java experience?
Thanks in advance.
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It should not be a problem.So chill dude.
Sirji with a mammoth work ex of 10 years you should not even give a thought to this petty problem.No one will dig out such info.
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Anyone know about HP India's background check process. All my educational and work history documents are in order. But the very first company i worked more than 10 years ago , is not in business, and it was a small company. So will it lead to any issues if they dig past more than 10 years...
Hi All,
Myself working in a MNC has offfer from Accenture but the problem is that previous co. was Oracle but I had left company as there was some problem... and in my existing co. they were ready to accept me without Oracle releaving letter and experience. I was in Oracle for 3 months. This w...
Dude, this depends on the company....My company TCS does the background check of all the previous companies that you worked for. Also, when someone joins my project, there is again a background check in which verification is done only for last 2 companies.....
I just need to understand in more detail, will they do background check for past 1-2 companies or all the companies.
Only your duration of employment will be verified.Also whether you are under any service bond.
Your company HR people will not disclose salary details,client name or which technology you worked. These are internal issues not to be disclosed to outsider specially rival tech firm.
They must ...
Hi rmbt and IdiotR !!!
Thanks to both of you.
The company I am considering joining is an Indian Company, one of the top three (T,I,W).
And the company I am leaving is also one of those three (T,I,W).
I know that companies like global biggies ORACLE and SAP can stoop to any level to ...
boy o boy,i think rmbt is right 2 some extnt,but sometimes thy do get beyond da skin,ppl frm oracle do ask the managers under whom u hav wokrd nd mentnd in ur cv whethr u hav workd or not and u r a good resource or not etc etc
But in general thy dont cross da door and limit their queries to a...
Dude...ppl cant find out that u were on bench for 6months...Also, companies dont disclose this info as it hampers there reputation in the market...so chill & enjoy