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hello forumites...
I am planning to leave my current job as i need to relocate from Mumbai to Coimbatore. Also I am planning to persue my education further which is possible if i am in mumbai. This is my first job so i dont have any knowledge on how to write Resignation letter, Please help me ...
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though its not a resignation letter...it is fun...and also..reflects my mood...

Dear Manager(mere Anna data),

Happy Lohri,

This is for your kind information, that yesterday was FMS entrance exam and with that I have successfully completed all my MBA competitive examinations for this season.

And all thanks to the expensive forms and brouchures and no proposed hike in the salary this year, I have no intention to appear in GMAT. Even CET is highly unlikely, as only 18 seats for OMS candidates. I don't think ki main wahan kuchh ukhaad lunga jaa ke.

I will be totally available in this company for next 8 months(till mid october), as after that I will have a serious slip disk(last year hi plan kiya thaa par mauka nai mila), as CAT 2009 will be nearing by then.

You may use all my admit cards, score cards and other brouchures for your lohri bonfire. I'd be glad to know that they were proved to be of some use finally and moreover that I was of some use to you finally.

I thank you for all your un-given support and all permission you granted for my pseudo leaves.

Destined to SE only(as no appraisals either this year)
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Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
The purpose of this resignation letter is to announce my resignation that I will be lea...
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just simply write the reason of leaving.
and give thanks to ur seniors.
dont write any complaints.
Boss may reply back "Me too "
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sorry for deviating from the topic, but couldnt hold of either..
world's smallest resignation letter.
Dear Sir,
I love your wife.
Sincerely Yours
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Dear (manager name),
This resignation letter is to inform you that my last day at (organization name) will be (Date). I will be relocating to (Location).
I have appreciated the opportunities and experiences that have been provided to me during my transition. I have greatly enjoyed my time e...
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It may sound funny to some but we have exactly the same thing in our company.
On our intranet portal- in the HR section, we have a link "My Resignation".
Once you click on it, you have to select the date you want the resignation to be effective. Then the "submit" tab is activated.
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How about this?(Please remove the brackets and read).
Hello Sir/Madam(whatever u are)
I would like to inform you that I am leaving the organisation ( .Dont scratch u r head.If u do not know what mg is please log into PG and check it out.Browsing PG is the only useful thing that I have done...
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The Day I Resign Wooooowwww
apun ke mann ko bht shaani milega yaar. It has become a pain for me... Everyday I wake up thinking . Hell aaj kya natak shuru honewale ha :(
Btw now afa help in writing resig letter. The Time when all managers will be on the recieving side and the person resign...
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aisa kya
Today i resigned and here's my letter
Consider this as my resignation.
Short and sweet
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Some companies require references/Previous mgr contact details both for Summers and Finals... thats where ur PM comes in I quit my company a year back.. and am going back most probably next week to say a hi to my PM and GM... it would always hold good for u to keep in touch with ur PM's and Y...
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Hey guys,
I resigned a week back with 2 months notice. With relieving date as 15th June as most of the iim's will have joining after that only. Now they are ready to give me early relieving. I simply said pay me the money for the notice period and i will take the early relieving.. A******s!!!!
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To put to good use the great skills of ctrl C +ctrl V that I have learnt, I used the above letter by Mahip... "I always dreamed of resigning on a Monday' :-)
-Mufasa Vindicated
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Gave my resignation letter some days back... here's how it was
Date: -
Subject: - Resignation Letter
Dear XXX,
As I have got admission for my MBA course I would formally like to resign from my current position effective today, date. I would be completing my one month notice p...
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Sometimes a simple "for the betterment of my prospects, I would like to submit my resignation" and a few more lines explaining when you would like to be relieved would do.This would help you to put forward the fact that you are resigning and you can explain it face to face when you have a meeting...
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another crisp and short one...
After two long years of association with XXXX I have decided to move out and explore new opportunities.
I hereby submit my resignation effective from XXXX.
I had a wonderful learning experience with XXXX, which helped me to hone my skills a...
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terse and to the point
great show. letter of the year
allwin - are u reading. this what might awaits u
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I hope you had a really good time, considering that we work in the same co. Anyway congrats for getting this opportunity.
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mahip itna pyar bhara letter
bahut mohabat si ho gayi lagta hai 3 saal mein
" Finally, this is to request you to kindly initiate the exit process so that I might be relieved on 1st June 2007." --- nahi kiya tu tu kya kar lega
see tune bol diya na. 2 mths notice ke baad tu us ka baap...
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any converts ?
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