HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) MT Recruitment 2013 Jobs & Careers

Notification for HAL MT recruitment has been out. Online applications will be available from 25.09.2013 (12:00 pm) to 11.10.2013. Guys & Girls, Please discuss relevant topic here. All The Best.
abinash44 do u hv any idea abt ques . 13 Nov '13.
anirban.xcd @Dev_MBApagal haan sir..aap sahi soch rahe hain..iss thr.... 10 Jan.
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Does anyone know about number of seats for computer science in HAL? How can we prepare for the same.Please tell. Is HAL paper is of gate level?
keer.T.hi.raj for all the six branch ... hal has 200 seat means v get h.... 30 Sep '13.
keer.T.hi.raj for sc gets 6 seats , for st gets 9 seats ,for other cast.... 30 Sep '13.
most absurd GK its only in HAL last tym i was asked who sang dhak dhak karne laga,wat ws elvise presely earlier occupation lol
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rkandy @nalineeshchahal BHai ans k stry sunega to or maja ayga.... 01 Oct '13.
nalineeshchahal SAHI JAWAAB...............waise kayi baar psus mein itne .... 01 Oct '13.
PLz suggest some books for HAL MT for Production Engineering Depertment...
vikky41221239 @kplight what are the sectors of engg. maths from which.... 30 Sep '13.
pla7yer @kplight where to find b.kumar book?? any idea?? what i.... 01 Oct '13.
IN HAND salary of HAL?? and work culture?
suren.btps12 in training never think abt these allowance....BTW after .... 08 Oct '13.
nunn @suren.btps12 pehle select to ho jao fir cateen allowna.... 10 Oct '13.
wen i click submit details in reg step 2 4 hal mtt application den
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    I have degree in Mechanical & Automation engineering but HAL notification does not contains this branch of mechanical engineering, although my course structure has all the papers as specified in GATE syllabus of Mechanical engineering. Should I apply under mechanical engineering?I am feeling that...
    mani2850 No @ayu-me . 29 Oct '13.
    UthnkUknwME @mani2850 ... I think u r eligible... becoz in case of e.... 29 Oct '13.
    Anyone from AERO background ?
    NASIRAERO yes i am. 30 Sep '13.
    electronix puys, what areas to study & frm where 2 study????? out of touch from technical fr a really long tym.... .frgot the basics also.... plssss guide.....
    MANC-LONDON hlpppppppppp. 29 Sep '13.
    Dev_MBApagal @MANC-LONDON Prepare from some GATE materials and try to.... 30 Sep '13.
    Hi Guys,
    I have started a separate thread for electronics branch please come there we will discuss many question,doubts etc.
    hey can we use the prep book of SAIL MT for HAL MT also?is their any difference in the syllabus(technical)?
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    Dev_MBApagal @nunn Nope.I don't have any gate material in soft copy. .... 16 Oct '13.
    nunn @Dev_MBApagal what is ACE materials and can u tell me th.... 16 Oct '13.
    HI guys Iam from mechanical engineering. Could someone give me link for Technical books for preperation?? Where can i find HAL 2012 question paper??
    Is anyone from mechanical?Is there any negative marking?Plz clarify..
    silentPSUer *any. 28 Sep '13.
    ABRMECH @silentPSUer No.Just Concentrate on Gate syllabus........... 30 Sep '13.
    any electricals .... can discuss here
    rady @xyle bhai yeh bata saktey ho yaar aisey quest.... 23 Oct '13.
    xyle Bhai electricty board m h imp buk jb Gupta electrical mat.... 23 Oct '13.
    wish atleast recruitment will be taking place legitimately without bribes or something like that
    PSU_GATE_ASPIRANT true i also wish the GOD same . 27 Sep '13.
    hai dis z soniya.am a computer science student.can anyone know the syllabus of HAL management trainee exam.
    Dev_MBApagal @soniya_p GATE syllabus se thoda thoda karke padhlo..it .... 27 Sep '13.
    does any1 get his/her registration no. after submission of online application form??
    SandeepSSM dats y u were not directed to print ur challan...now i th.... 07 Oct '13.
    rossi5200 @SandeepSSM yeah I'll apply again. Thnx a lot. . 07 Oct '13.
    Hi Puys
    I am currently preparing for gate 2014 last year i have cleared gate 2013 with 30 marks(without coaching).Now i have joined coaching at THE GATE ACADEMY from June,there we have completed Control,Network,Digital,EMT,Communication & EDC subject. My doubt is
    1. Can i use the books g...
    nithin007 no i am mech :) . 28 Sep '13.
    rkandy no -ve marking in HAL. 28 Sep '13.
    Anirban bhai last year tumne kitna kara tha?? Aur r u sure ki wrtn ka wtg 85% hai...
    Dev_MBApagal @akashlug This yr also, Weightage for written exam - 85%.... 30 Sep '13.
    Guys Please tell me which type of questions are asked in HAL for ECE.........
    --->It is theoretical or numerical Type ??--->suggest me some important/scoring subject for ECE ??--->any one can tell me about cut off for written exam in HAL-2012 for ECE .
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    keer.T.hi.raj SYLABUS PLZZ. 27 Sep '13.
    lahuar thanks for reply....... 27 Sep '13.
    what ll be the inhand salary of HAL mt after training??...is CAFETERIA applied to traineees
    psupsu @vinay48 it wd def be lesser dan SAIL . 27 Sep '13.
    Dev_MBApagal @psupsu i m nt saying exactly twice..But usually it's li.... 27 Sep '13.