Executive MBA from IIM Indore Jobs & Careers

Hey I am Currently Working and have 10 years of Experience

Wish to know from you people about the carrer prospect after IIM Indore Ex MBA which is 18 Months program and it cost same as PGP Full time 4 Lakhs .

Currently i earn 9 lkhs which will be 12-15 lkhs ( as revision is due) in next 6 months time.

I am at juncture where i have to decide the future path i know doing MBA from institute other than IIM is waste for me. But need to know about the prospect of IIM Indore Executive MBA. will i have same repo as of Full time PGP.
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Also evaluate IIM-A, B, C exec programs, they are better established than Indore. IIML was in prep to offer one near Delhi/NCR region. chk for that. ensure that the prog u join is in weekend/quarterly contact mode i.e. you shd be in campus with other students for weekends or 7-10 days in campus e...