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let us focus on 10th Bipartite Agreement Of PSU banks and discuss about salary increases and other allowences and 5 day banking implementations
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mangalamraj hope it works.... 1d.
are bhai settelment ka kya hua kuch to batao
rajkumarpapa नई दिल्ली (एसएनएन) : सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के बैंक के कर्मचार.... 09 Feb.
mangalamraj till date 10% on pay slip cost. 19 Feb.
prash39 @mangalamraj wr in the discussions has the UFBU/ IBA men.... 07 Feb.
mangalamraj payslip cost what's the net sal printed on payslip. 19 Feb.
The central government is trying to befool the bankers by bringing in the concept of CTC........i think that its really sad......we shid all protest against this.......and if implemented then also use this conept others gov services.......
it seems like 10th BPS will be finalized towards end of 2014.....
Is there any chance of settlement before general election in 2014???
rajaharish For ur 2nd question, I certainly feel there is a chance...... 24 Sep '13.
60.15% on BP - A settlement by IBA
when will employ get new revised salary
nr.sbi hope it at least b4 Dec 14 . 27 Oct '13.
DA merger + %age increase will add up to make final basic pay and other salary components i.e. DA(remaining 10.9%) HRA & CCA will be calculated on that final basic. DA is merged to calc new basic pay in the begining itself along with 20%(min.) increase by IBA.
for PO.....14500/- (new basic=...
Hi all ( irrespective of bank alloted ) look at the below useful info abt the salary revision for po in 2013 ………..
Bank PO & Clerk Expected Salary After Pay Revision (10th Bipartite Settlement)
Bank Probationary Officer Salary After Revision in 2013:
At present a newly joined Bank PO's...
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mhb103 August 2013? We will be lucky to get it before November 2.... 14 Aug '13.
rajaharish Very true indeed. People have seen such revisions as a gr.... 14 Aug '13.
Will the 10th Bipartite agreement have an impact on salary of Insurance companies like LIC?
DEMYSTIFYING CTC HERE ARE LIES, DAMNED LIES AND CTC'S NUBE circular 03 / 2013 dated : 11-06-2013 rightly explained what is Cost to the Company, net salary and gross salary which are some of the key components that form part of any individual's salary structure.a transparent effort by a negot...
i read in a blog, "the cut off date for merger of D.A. is taken as 30-09-2011 as was done last time, the revised basic pay before additional load will be 1.6015 times the present basic. Then adding another 25%, the revised basic will be 2.001875 times the present basic pay."I want to know is...
wovfactorAPS i want to knw..as they say they merge da with a part of b.... 27 Jul '13.
somu1989 yups..... 27 Jul '13.
here is the good news will publish it at 8:00 pm
when is this expected to be implemented?
why dont the banks apply the 6th pay comm???
tak2avi ya...long time...the prob lies with the banks association.... 09 May '13.
hackboy89 yes, because the so-called associations representatives a.... 23 May '13.
@gau1710 dont expect basic to cross 20,000................
Basic will cross Rs. 20,000 for sure. But overall salary hike will hardly be 20-25%, as DA will come down, as before applying hike they merge some portion of DA to the existing Basic.
Last time around in 9th Bipartite Settlement, the Basic went up from 10,000 to 14,000, that is 45% rise in Bas...
murali603 Not some portion of DA, they will pickup any one quarter .... 07 Apr '13.
@six_strings @rangerover Do you know that which components of the salary were reduced.. Which resulted in the difference in actual salary rise in 9th BPS.Lets try finding out that maths..
DA% is what is shifted to a lower % after the hike. So, if one looks at the Basic alone (without knowing what was the DA% before and after settlement), it does not tell much about the increase in salary.
But yes, higher the Basic the better it is as everything else is linked to the Basic. Lik...
@ajithkrishnan not only salary will be revised na. there will be corresponding increase in the other allowances as well isn't it ?
​Yes, recommendation for a major increase in HRA, travelling allowance, educational allowance.. But premise on retired bankers and pension DA settlements.. I think Banks will score on those demands, and JMG/MMG might not get any high exponential raise we are expecting