Difference between MS (Finance) and MBA Jobs & Careers


Can some one list out the differences between MS (Finance) n MBA courses?
Difference based on:
1. Course content (which i think won't be much except for the depth to which each subject is taken up)
2. Career Opportunity
3. ROI

Ravi Kant
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@ mridula
If u are more interested in staying in this field only, I will suggest you join any of the MSc courses in UK. The reason being even after an MBA in agri-Business (recruiters) can expect you to move away from your core-competencies. It can also depend on how much you are willing to ar...
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hello friends,
am mridula and am a food technologist from DU...am immensely interested in my field and want to continue with the managenerial aspect of THIS feild ONLY....and have been luckily selected for MBA-agri business at symbiosis as well...
now the problem is...that I have applied to...
You can come down to India. However salary will not be comparable. still you may land in to the high salary brackets.
I understand by 2009 most IB's are planning to shift a major portion of research and modelling here, UBS, Goldman etc.
Ample opportunities provided you have developed str...
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thnx.. i know wat do u mean to say.. but there are certain constraints i am facin due to which i have to choose this path.. ideal wud have 4 yrs work ex + CFA and then a ISB mba.. but tht i can't do due to some reasons..one more query, due u have any idea, is it worth for me to do ms finance if i...
Vishal, if you want to go for MS-fin from a US univ, why you need an MBA thereafter. or if you want to go for MBA from ISB why you need to go for US MS in finance. i guess you need sort out priorities and goals.
you can straight go for ISB MBA, specialize in finance and go for an IB. alternati...
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thnx a lot guys for ur replies.. i know for sure that academic wise UIUC masters in finance scores over imt or mdi whose calls i have but my only concern is that this yr plcmnts at uiuc haven't been very gud for international students.. also i am plannin to work their for 2 yrs after masters and ...
My apologies I got confused between UIUC and University of Chicago ,it's the latter one that is regarded as the temple of finance though UIUC is not bad either.
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First of all Derivatives and M&A; are altogether different fields altogether.In Derivatives your Quanti skills are more important so depending on the canidate MBA,MFE,MS (Fin) and Phd's are recruited for derivatives.
But for M&A; you need not only have good number crunching and financial model...
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MDI can never beat UIUC MS in finance. neither IIM's. IMT dosent comes to consideration also. UIUC will launch you in to different universe altogether.
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@ Vishal
Go for MS course.. I do not think IBs come to IMT and MDI campus and even if a few of them do come, the competition will be very diff. to beat.
At least in US, not evry1 is fighting for the same set of jobs...
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guys i have a master in finance admit from UIUC, chicago...
i have gd pi calls frm imt and mdi.. imt gd pi is done which was gud.. mdi not yet done.. i know comparing institutes not allowed on pg.. but wanted to ask, if i am intersted in Merger&Aquistions; and derivatives market more, wat path...
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Difference between MS (Finance) and MBA.
There are just too many..
So I will take an alternate route.
Differences between MS (Finance) and MBA (Finance):
1. Course Contents - AN MBA contains much more diverse subjects than MS in Finance. Even an MBA in finance will contain some elect...
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