Designations and Pay scales in TCS Jobs & Careers

Hi All,
Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of experience expect in TCS?
Also can some one provide...
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Debasis070 HI ..it generally takes 2-3 years but then it entirely de.... 04 Apr '13.
dark_Sector and some of my seniors at work were slogging at ITA post .... 21 Jun '13.
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friends plz help. I have resigned from tcs today and they provided me a letter which mentioned that I have been released from the services of tcs, but they did not provide any other document and said they will give me other documents through mail on my personal ID after 45 days. So is it enough or I should get any thing else.from tcs. Plz reply.

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  • dvchinmaya at present it is enough;other docs such as experince letter n all ll follow..... @vampgm plz clarify
  • vampgm there are 2 docs - service certificate and experience certificate. Service is given always; it is just a bona fide document of employment. However, experience is given only after bond amount has been paid if workex is < 2 years. Else it is usually given together.
    @shahii my suggestion would be to pressurize them to give them the experience certificate ASAP. HR keeps changing and it can be a pain in the ass to run from pillar to post, especially if you have joined another company. If they don't agree and you have time, you can wait for a few days before getting back to them. In most cases they do send the docs within the stipulated time. Hence, not to worry..:)
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    Hi Puys, Currently i'm working in TCS and i have 32 months of Work Ex. My designation is SE and my package is 4.52 now. Converted BIM,Trichy..I just want to know whether BIM comes under Tier II or I college. I'm planning for Sabbatical and hence what package will i get if join back and what rol...
    mightyachilles @DreamHR thank u.. . 1d.
    superchiku this tier i dont know but its certainly not considered as.... 1d.
    Can anyone please help.. I want to pursue MBA.. I am planning to take LWP option.. How to many months prior to leaving TCS should I inform this to my office team. (1 or 2 months).. I meant to say how much duration will the entire process of LWP takes? Would i able to join coll in June 2nd week wi...
    jones_philly @vampgm Thanks fr d info.. If i get a job having better p.... 23h.
    vampgm @jones_philly cannot be generalized. However, some compa.... 23h.
    want to the exact procedure for LWP?? Pls help.. I want t do MBA.. i have 29 months exp in ITIS domain
    dvchinmaya plz read the doc present in my HR. after readin if u hv q.... 3d.
    Arungan123 I have done two H2.. Last time i got D and this time C wi.... 3d.
    Hi Can i get LWP for prepartion of exam inTCS ? As a matter of fact i can see the option of "to prepare for exam" under leaves in LWP category in gess...kindly help guyz...thnxcurrently i am having 19 mnths work ex and allocated in project as well.
    Khushi_R @sassy23 they must be on bench or RMG.. or they have .... 4d.
    sassy23 okk...so now i must fight for release first then....ab se.... 4d.
    Hi Friends, I will be joining 1 Year full time PGDITBM (post grad. diploma in IT business management) from SCIT(symbiosis)on LWP. What kind of package can be expected when I join back?Does TCS consider the length of the course like 1 year and 2 year course while giving the revised package. I am i...
    Prash1502 Puys, please throw some light... 4d.
    Hi Friends..I am in a bit of confusion regarding my career.Would like to hear your opinion/suggestions.
    I joined TCS on September 2012 after my B.Tech and been here for 1.5years.I got a C band in my only perfrmc band till now.Joined with a salary of 3.16LPA and currently its around 3.6LPA.Prev...
    dvchinmaya Try for Bank exams n other govt exams.If u get any go ahe.... 5d.
    nmims mumbai is in which tier according to TCS?
    Hi all,
    One of my friends joined TCS as a lateral employee with prior experience. Since I am not aware of the policies followed for lateral hire, hence thought of asking it in this forum.
    He was recruited as a Oracle resource, before getting into project also he communicated that he will wo...
    Bunta Maine wo wala audio recording bohut suna tha usme bohut k.... 4d.
    akhilesh_yadav dadagiri kar raha hai, Sallu bhai ko phone maro, uski sha.... 4d.
    I am going for PGPM from GLIM chennai. My present exp is 39 months. What will they offer me when i shall come back. I am going in LWP
    PsychicDevil @shashankgoel8 you will get 10+ LPA . 11 Apr.
    Arungan123 @shashankgoel8 bro can you pls tell me the procedure fo.... 3d.
    Hi All , I am planning to attend interview with TCS , I have a gap in between my jobs about 7 months and with the current company I am having 2 years and 4 months experience and previous company I have 9 monhts , I need to know hoow much expericne will TCS take will they take the total of 2years...
    oneyear 3yrs1mnth..designation system engineer. 10 Apr.
    flashfox55 thanks much. 10 Apr.
    Hi.........I am SE in TCS having 2.5 years of work ex......I am selected for XIME Bangalore.......................My current package is 4.3 L.........I wanted to clarify below points :-
    1)Do TCS considers XIME Bangalore in Tier 2 college?2)What pay package I can expect if at all I join back TC...
    DreamHR @PsychicDevil Thanks a lot :) . 10 Apr.
    Arungan123 @PsychicDevil how tcs has defined the colleges according.... 3d.
    Hello everybody !! Today I mailed my team lead that I am leaving the project citing some reasons and left office.My team lead was not present in the office at that time.At the time of interview for the project I had told them that I was interested in automation testing ,but recently I came to kno...
    koustavnaha @auri_da they can escalate you n btw the worse is RMG ma.... 09 Apr.
    auri_da @tarun387 @kpsiddhu @koustavnaha .. Thanx for your inp.... 09 Apr.
    @dvchinmaya , @skashwin can you plz tell me what type of job profile & role can I expect after doing 1 Yr PGPM from Great Lakes Chennai Campus? I have 34 months of total experience in TCS & I'M taking sabbatical..
    vampgm GCP is usually not given except to a couple of colleges l.... 15 Apr.
    vampgm IT consulting or delivery is more likely. In some cases, .... 15 Apr.
    Hi all..i wanted to know how much will be the salary after mba from SDMIMD? I will have 2.5 years of work exp by next year..thinking of taking a sabbatical! and what are the roles that i can get?, if i specialize in marketing ?
    Arungan123 @vampgm can yopu provide me the list of colleges accordi.... 3d.
    vampgm Tier 1: Old IIMs, FMS, XL, JB, MDI, NITIE, SPJIMR, IIFT T.... 3d.
    Main TCS 2 years se pahle quit kar raha hun to mughe sirf 50,000 hi dena yoga na ya kuch aur bhi.
    ankitrocks Jaise aapki shraddha! . 05 Apr.
    jafri.azhar7 if its very close to 2 years like 20 -23 months and u r g.... 05 Apr.
    Hi All .....Need ur advice and suggestions !!
    At present i hv 2 yrs 8 months of exp in TCS .Gave CAT 13 for the first time n scored 80.82. Got D band as they released me during March in the name of cost cutting.Previous band was C. Now on bench from one month.Not worked in any particular tec...
    ggaurav86 I will suggest joining MBA this year as next year you wil.... 12 Apr.
    vampgm dude, with hands-on experience of 1 year at a premier B S.... 12 Apr.
    Plz. Help. I joined TCS in October 2012, now I am selected in Bank PO in Bank of Baroda and I want to quit TCS. So now I have to pay whole 50,000 or it could be reduced, and to whom I should talk because I am on bench from January and on leave from previous one month. Thanks in advance.
    ashwinashu90 Even if you are quitting for joining BOB..you tell the HR.... 14 Apr.
    vampgm bond amount is reduced and if you go for higher studies i.... 15 Apr.
    D band
    sabuj9494 @dvchinmaya who will be present in the discussion after .... 3d.
    dvchinmaya @sabuj9494 first discussion with reviwer/PM...second tim.... 3d.
    Hello all ..i joined tcs last year dec 2012..i wrote cat and got into xime..since i have not completed 2 years..should i pay 50k?..i wil be having 16 months of work ex(including notice period during may)..pls help, i'm confused ..whom should i talk to for reduction in amount? and is it possible? ...
    dvchinmaya if u r in project contact ur project HR or on bench conta.... 04 Apr.
    zhussain Hi All, there will be a One Time Full and Final settlem.... 05 Apr.