Designations and Pay scales in TCS Jobs & Careers

Hi All,
Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of experience expect in TCS?
Also can some one provide...
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Debasis070 HI ..it generally takes 2-3 years but then it entirely de.... 04 Apr '13.
dark_Sector and some of my seniors at work were slogging at ITA post .... 21 Jun '13.
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Hi, Actually i joined tcs on sep 2012 ,but i completed my final anniversary in feb2014 as per it should be completed in sep 2013.. For H2 ,heard from my manager that i cannot initiate H2.Then what about rating and Bands which was supposed to get in April? Throw some info on this..
dvchinmaya Based on ur Final Aniversary Rating u gt in Feb u ll get .... 03 Apr.
bhuvaneshkv @dvchinmaya Thanks, you are really helping all time... 04 Apr.
Hii Guys,
I am on sabbatical and am doing PG Diploma in International Business from Delhi university.Wat roles should i ask for when i join back TCS and what is the expected salary ....My last CTC was 4.23...Also Is it possible to change ISU onc u join back. I was in ITIS earlier and wish ...
Arungan123 @dvchinmaya hi i have 29 CTC 4.08 month exp in ITIS and.... 3d.
dvchinmaya @Arungan123 tier 2 college. u cn expect 5.5 -5.75 sal if.... 3d.
Hey all..i wanted to know if a sabbatical can be taken only after 24 months or can i take it earlier..say suppose 18 months, is that possible?pls reply!
akshay2220 dvchinmaya ?. 03 Apr.
dvchinmaya @akshay2220 u shud complete 2 yrs in TCS. 03 Apr.
Hi All,I joined TCS in Dec2009. I completed my 4th year on 29dec2013.But I had got D band in March 2013,C in March 2012 and C in 2011.Promotion was initiated in current project during 4th year completion on dec29 2013,but corporate HR put that on hold.Having said above,my manager,reviewer approve...
zhussain @dvchinmaya this 5.4L pa will be too less to me that I t.... 1d.
dvchinmaya @zhussain yes it is too less....atleast u ll get 80 k - .... 1d.
what s the nature of job for assistant system engineer in tcs...now am placed in tcs as assistant system engineer trainee of grade y...i want to kn about the growth in this stream..?
dvchinmaya First in trainin i e in ILP u ll b trained in any one of .... 29 Mar.
neerajspiky @dvchinmaya Thnx . 30 Mar.
Posting once again :
TCS Considers below colleges as Tier 1 :Old IIMs(BLACKI)XLRIXIMBFMS DelhiIIFT DelhiMDISPJain MumbaiNITIE MumbaiGrateLakes ChennaiJBIMS MumbaiAll other colleges approved by AICTE are Tier 2
dvchinmaya @sambit_beta then its dificult to get approved by HR...... 02 Apr.
nav_nitj anybody knows if TCS offers sabbatical with NOC....means .... 07 Apr.
Can I get assistant consultant profile in Tcs after MBA from NM-HYD
ajoy1988 Which all colleges are under tier 1 list ?. 28 Mar.
dvchinmaya plz refer the recent post by me in this thread only. 28 Mar.
hey,need your suggestions. Is there advantage joining Banglore TCS training center over others?
my preference is Ahmdabad, Banglore , Pune
neerajspiky @skashwin Yeah, i know...........but they asked me for .... 27 Mar.
dvchinmaya there is no preference for trainin center i guess...but i.... 27 Mar.
OrganizedChaos You might have to speak to your project manager about it..... 25 Mar.
sartaj_n @anya90 First you need to get release from the project. .... 02 Apr.
m having 37 ELs and 15 SLs and I heard we need to exhaust all these before applying for sabbatical/LWP ... Can anyone confirm this ?
superchiku @paps3535 bhai arent mdi, nm and sibm considered tier 1 .... 24 Mar.
paps3535 @superchiku Yes,It looks very odd.TCS Considers below .... 24 Mar.
Hello, would any one help me to get clarify on my below query. I have been offered by TCS as IT-Analyst with pacakage 9.87 \annum recently. I have overall 7.5 years of IT experience. Is this a good pacakage. But in offer letter thay have taken only 6.92 as relavant experience due to my Gradu...
Manish_07 better you request them to differ your joining by a month.... 23 Mar.
dvchinmaya @PKAG yes its true as per TCS as ur grad is BBA. 25 Mar.
I have 2.5 year Exp. in Digital Marketing. How can I join TCS ?
koustavnaha NO if u can't digest D band,politics,misbehaviour. 07 Apr.
How will i join TCS. 1.5 yr work ex in steel sector Branch Metallurgy ,NIT Raipur 83%
Please help.... I have 3+ years of experience and I have converted (and taken admission ) in NMIMS-core (Mumbai)...my HR advised me to take a sabbatical but he said my manager's approval is required...I asked my manager for his approval but he has not given it (yet..fingers crossed) ...also I fe...
superchiku @skashwin aram se kardo na kya fark padta he . 19 Mar.
dvchinmaya 1) If they give D n den approve ur lwp it is fine. 2) If .... 20 Mar.
Guys, any one joined this year from Sabbatical... Any idea on the package and the designation for 9 years experience (including 1 year MBA) with Tier 1 Business School...
dvchinmaya The info v hv is 8 L Base slary + 45 K for each yr of exp.... 22 Mar.
guys alliance bussiness school is considered to be tier 1 college? can anyone provide me the list of tier 1 college according to tcs...
dvchinmaya no...list is in previous posts.... 15 Mar.
guys I am going to Mumbai.. do you guys have any idea for flats der, near or close to Thane tcs. ? as i Havent been to mumbai ever before and i dont have idea about it. can u guys help me with it.. ?
aanjuli I am in Thane.... 01 Apr.
paps3535 Use Softmart portal.. 01 Apr.
Hi,u guys know the notice period fpr tcs employees.It was a month when I joined.Is it true that it has been extended to 3 months now?
meenag3 @gunjan.shah kindly confirm the same if you are at onsh.... 12 Mar.
gunjan.shah Iam in India but working in a client location...so i thin.... 12 Mar.
HEY PUYS .. do you have any format of cv good for TCS .. if u can share ..
I want to make my own cv so I might take help. Thanku. :)

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    @meenag3 @vampgm @dvchinmaya
    I m on LWP from tcs soon would be done wid my mba(2012-14) jst wanted to know dat ...is there going to be any problem if i did not do my summer internship in TCS. Like in normal 2 yr mba.I did my my summers in some other company (not TCS) also i had done few o...
    dvchinmaya @KATYPERRY In which college r u pursuin mba?. 05 Mar.
    vampgm @KATYPERRY no issues as long as you have an NOC from TCS. 14 Mar.