Designations and Pay scales in TCS Jobs & Careers

Hi All,
Could some one help me in understanding how the designations are defined in TCS and how long it takes to move from one level to the next (especially from ITA to Assistant Consultant) also how much salary can someone with 5 years of experience expect in TCS?
Also can some one provide...
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Debasis070 HI ..it generally takes 2-3 years but then it entirely de.... 04 Apr '13.
dark_Sector and some of my seniors at work were slogging at ITA post .... 21 Jun '13.
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Does anyone have idea (recent knowledge) about package that TCS provides after re-fitment to an associate who has done pgpm 1 yr program from Great Lakes chennai .Prior to joining if he/she has experience of 38 months and last appraisal band 'D' . And of course one year study period should be included as relevant experience ,so in total 50 months exp .

Any one who has experienced this ??
Thanx in advance
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    Does TCS train MBA hires for SAP Functional?
    deepak1139 @nishit09 It depends totally on their requirements. Is th.... 27 May '13.
    superchiku yes in india domain. 27 May '13.
    I wil be completing my Btech in june and have just received my TCS joining letter with ILP scheduled for september in hyderabad.However due to some reasons I may not be able to join them at the date provided. Is there any provision for extending the date of joining? If yes, then wat is the proced...
    vampgm @paridhi11890 Drop a mail to the HR department asking to .... 23 May '13.
    dvchinmaya email id is given in the mail or tcs student portal campu.... 25 May '13.
    Hi All, I am an oracle dba working in HCL having 2 years 9 months experience. I have been offered System Engineer designation with grade C1 and CTC of 5.85. Wanted to know if the offer offered is good for a person around 3 years exp. Also does TCS has any shift allowances, and what about the ...
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    dvchinmaya no such allowance.....its only fr weekend/night shifts....... 27 May '13.
    ksrikanthchetty :)..comp off very famous . can you elaborate... Seems its.... 27 May '13.
    hi All,with my friends i attend interview in tcs,mumbai on18th march 2013,i cleared all rounds and they gave us blue forms even and said that they will inform us again for joining..still then their is no intimation from tcs.what is our position we cannot decide anything regarding it..can any o...
    maddy.99 If you had registered in tcs website you can track your a.... 15 May '13.
    I have selected as systems engineer in tcs since i have 2 years experience. My joining date is june 12 2013, what all will be the next steps ? instead of ILP for freshers ?
    Prithivi Hi maddy, r u got an offer letter from tcs/\. 25 May '13.
    maddy.99 yes, joining on 5th june.. . 27 May '13.
    Hi all, how much time it takes to complete the process of resignation? I am on bench. Some guys were telling it takes only 4-5days at max. On the other hand, for one guy i know,it took 15days. I have to submit my resignation according to that.
    PPoison I was already in a project , took just a week for me to g.... 07 May '13.
    vampgm @moup in most cases a week is all it takes at the most. I.... 07 May '13.
    I am planing to take a long leave, I have 3.5 years of IT Experience current payscale is aroung 5.6L. Planning to do an MBA for 2 years @IIT Mumbai. What would be the expected salary when i come back and join as Category 1 MBA? that is i will be having 5.5 years of experience.
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    I have converted IIM-Lucknow and I am resigning from TCS.As I have not completed 2 years of service in TCS,they asked me to pay Rs 50,000 as a compensation of breaking the service bond.
    Seniors,Is there any way to save Rs 50,000? Who has the authority of waiving-off this amount:HR,PM,PL....
    dark_Sector i am ex-tcser since 27th may. 03 Jun '13.
    Manish_07 @saurabhlumarrai -- whats d criteria for FPM? what was u.... 23 Mar.
    Promotions for this quarter are getting out. Few have got and few are yet to get.All the best
    Hii... I am now about to start a career in MBA, my classes will start from july, and my bond period ends on sept.. so they (HR) are insisting on paying full 50,000 rupees to get relieved and to get experience certificate...I would not be needing experience certificate to show in college till Oct/...
    bhaduriarchit 2 Yrs - Bond Period. No way out :| . 21 May '13.
    vampgm @dark_Sector oh!! Sorry!! Mea culpa. I didn't know that. .... 21 May '13.
    Hi friends,
    I am almost 2.5 years work-ex in TCS. I have got a call from MDI and classes begins from 16th June. I want to go for LWP, whom should I contact for this (HR/Supervisor). I still have about 30 earned leaves left, so should I exhaust them before going for LWP. In that case, since I ...
    vampgm @Sazid you stand a good chance of converting man. Hope to.... 05 May '13.
    Sazid @vampgm Thanks, hope so . 25 May '13.
    hiii mates,can i go on leave during notice period?and if i dont want to serve the notice period after resignation,then can they will allow me ?
    vampgm 1. Ideally you are not allowed to take leave during Notic.... 30 Apr '13.
    @dvchinmaya i am about to apply for LWP from TCS.After 1st year of MBA , i will have to go 4 internships. Will my LWP status create any problem for that? Do we have to take permission from TCS to do internship in other company? Will TCS allow me to go 4 internship in some other company?
    What p...
    Sazid What if I want to resign before summer internship placeme.... 01 May '13.
    dvchinmaya @Sazid yes u can resign atany time. 02 May '13.
    anybody got promoted this quarter cycle to ITA??My manager says its done but I havnt received any letter and still showing system engg in maserfind
    RaghavSiva Dude,.. Please let me know if you get answer for this que.... 29 Apr '13.
    Guys.....My H1B visa has been filed.....and now I want to avail the LWP policy of TCS....Can the supervisor reject the approval on this reason as Company has spent money in filing the Visa.....
    I have gone through the LWP policy on the ultimatix portal ....and as per that....the supervisor sho...
    Hi puys,
    I would need some information from you guys.
    I have an experience of around 2.5 years in SAP ABAP in an average company (CMMi Level 3, 1000+ employees in India).I am willing to switch and expecting a positive response from TCS.According to your experience, is TCS good for laterals...
    vampgm @schopra TCS is a very good company for laterals. There i.... 21 Apr '13.
    schopra @vampgm Thanks for your reply.. Considering the size of .... 21 Apr '13.
    Hi,I have 3 yrs 4 months exp in TCS..consistent B bands..recently i hv joined this weekend ex-mba course..PGDBM course at NMIMS University Hyderabad taking TCS sponsorship of 2.5 lakhs n rest I have paid..I am due for ITA promotion in the next 6-8 months..my package as of nw is 5.4 lakhsPlease le...
    dvchinmaya @bvijaychandran As for as I know ,As its executive pgm,de.... 19 Apr '13.
    bvijaychandran @vampgm @dvchinmaya  Thanks a lot for your input :):). 19 Apr '13.
    Thanks @bhaduriarchit ....
    @Diddo thank u @bhaduriarchit and @vampgm for the quick response.. @vampgm , I bliv u r talking abt d distance education course tie up wid BITS Pilani..?? I wish to go 4 a full time course.. do u h...
    TCS usually does not sponsor full time courses. You have to go with the LWP option. Check with your TM HR and confirm