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well...guys, now that last sem is over and most of us(future CTS employees) are twiddling our thumbs at home, lets start a thread on Cognizant Technology Solutions- joining date, training period, life post training period, long term plans of mba,m.tech et al.
Life is worth fighting for...
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    Thanks legendtim...:)
    Yes, in the last week of may, they sent us e-learning modules and specifically mentioned that giving joining date is subject to completing those modules.
    what are these e-learning modules??wen did u get them??after filling the details on one-cognizant?
    CTS is a very good organization. Probably, the IT services company that is in the best shape right now when compared to its peers. I am working in CTS . It is a fabulous organization. The work culture is excellent and flexible/accommodative. As in every organization, to a large extent,your person...
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    Present employees of CTS may also enlighten us with their valuable suggestions, tips, inside-information, etc so that we are better prepared for the future
    So let me start first. I am from IEM, a college in west bengal, got selected by CTS on campus, finished e-learning modules last week and now...biding my time.