CGL 2013 Preparation Jobs & Careers

Hello everyone,This thread is exclusively for 2013 aspirants. As CGL 2012 is over, Lets have a fresh start. As some one said " Early Bird Wins the Race" ...Hope everyone will this time become Achievers than Aspirants [smiley] .Also Thank you to all members who have contributed their part during...
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aman53 for 2013. 18 Jun '13.
rankav so cgl is gooing to be cancelled ?????????????????????? . 19 Jul '13.
B I U Post
D Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi ...
Anyone? Finally Admit cards are out. :')
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zeus0390 @brixcel All the best bhai :thumbsup: . 23h.
missionCAT13 @brixcel lol :mg: retirement ki age per joining denge .... 23h.
2013 Re-exam northern region admit cards:
Happy b'day CGL T1
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lalit24 @rahulgaur666 happy B'day to 21st april ko hai cgl 13 ka.... 4d.
rahulgaur666 @lalit24 bhai recall 14 april , when all the mess start.... 4d.
admit card for central region out ?
Any New thread for SSC CGL2k13 reexam???I have few queries regarding the same
when will be the re-examination of Combined Graduate Level Examination 2013?
johnlock I have the reg id with me but I lost my roll number for C.... 05 Apr.
johnlock how can I find out my exam centre and roll number n ol?. 05 Apr.
Dosto, recently I went UK and came to know about some shocking facts and started hating myself badly, these shocking facts are mentioned below.
1) In UK if your monthly income in lesser than 1800(1 lakh 80 thousand rupees)pounds, you can file unemployment and the UK government will give you 18...
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PDHM can't compare india with UK now.they r sovereign since 17.... 08 Apr.
xyzmanas all comes to the point, "you need to be a citizen to avai.... 08 Apr.
in a right angled triangle XYZ right angled at Y, if XY = 2rt6 and XZ-YZ = 2, then secX + tanX is??
Jackky sides are 7,5 and 2root6 then secX+tanX=1+sinX/CosX= 1+5/.... 28 Mar.
Jackky question is right but i think paper m options galat the a.... 28 Mar.
CHSL 2013 Re-exam kis kis ka h northern region s???
honey_pandit ???????????????. 25 Mar.
Which job is better between NICL AO & Auditor in CAG considering all the aspects?
rajukmi AO . 25 Mar.
Mukund_Dev AO. 07 Apr.
kya bna diya ssc cgl ka iss nitant ne .May he depart soon.RIP NITANT
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ABHITHECHARMER Are koi bat nahi @meenaku mil jaegi CSS. ye to aasani s.... 25 Mar.
Grr7 @meenaku : Amen!. 03 Apr.
@KishoreAjwani@vinodkapri@nishantchat@ajitanjum@anjanaomkashyap@RavishKumarNDTV@sudhirchaudharyI request all the puys to request all these journalist by tweeting them one request to do one story about ssc cgl exam delay vinodkapri and kishoreajwani are good they reply most of the time
MUKESH18JAN what is the re examination date of cgl 2013 for delhi can.... 24 Mar.
Neetu Singh The court will dispose of the case before 15th April23 hours ago 路 29
ndoh is 31st April
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gobin_1986 Ohh...Dis NDOh will never stop.......... . 20 Mar.
bshiva2006 there is no 31st april.......... 22 Mar.
plz explain
I recognized your voice at once.Which type of noun is the bolded one?Common noun or Abstract noun.Wren n martin key is giving Common noun and i doubt
Sit down and rest for a while.What part of speech is the bolded phrase?????
ABHITHECHARMER adverb. 03 Mar.
tomararun Thanx. 03 Mar.
hello every on eare the final year graduation students eligible for cgl-14
ajit19 nope. 02 Mar.
Please briefly explain how to solve these 2012 tier2 questions ...thanx in advance1. There are 200 questions on a 3 hour examination. Among 200 questions, 50 areScience. He spent twice, as much time on each Mathematics questions as for eachother question. How many minutes did he spend on Mathemat...
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harry04 Q - 12 can't comprehend what u have typed here if AC as o.... 01 Mar.
tomararun Great effort harry u hav the magic wend!:). 02 Mar.
NDOH 28th Feb...Luthra has asked for some time to file a reply!!, that's 100% authentic
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Wishfulthinkin yaar... woh kitna bhi time maange, but why is honorable b.... 25 Feb.
chitrartha ye koi honorable bench ni hai..sab bika hua maal hai. 25 Feb.