CFA Level 1, June 2012 Jobs & Careers

hi puys,
i am starting this thread for all those who are interested in giving CFA level 1 in June 2012.
so pour your suggestions and opinions and questions or anything related to CFA.
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agrawal0503 hi there, I want to know about invoice payment option i.... 05 Feb.
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Is anyone chartered accountant in this forum, who is planning to persue level 1 in June 2012?
Hey Puys
anyone from Delhi/ NCR, to form small study circle.
hey !!!
can any1 pls help..
need 2 knw d step 2 begin with cfa prep...for june 2012 attempt.
how 2 fill d form?
last date for june 2012 batch..?
mode of payment?
Hi i am apoorv and have applied for CFA LEVEL-1 in June.I am from lucknow.Is there anybody from lucknow who is doing the same.We can probably form some study group and schedule our preparation in better way.My email id is apoorvverma_librian@yahoo.co.in.I am an I.T professional and have very less...
Credit card is the only way buddies
But there is a lot of time for the second deadline(15th feb).. Apply for one, or use someone's in your family...Just make sure you have sufficient buffer on the swipe limit
Hi..Puys....Today I got the books of CFA L1 from Om Xerox...initially they asked for 1000 bucks..but bargained it to 700 ...as Laxmi price..xerox quality is good.......would be getting the cds within a week as they told.....at my doorstep(as they promised after telling my inconvenience of co...
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tell me puys....
How can one make payment for the fees as I don't have a credit card.
I m from chennai
Hey buddy,
Just trying to help you out with the following:
1 & 2) I got it from OM for 1000 bucks.. but i heard some1 on forum saying Laxmi is giving it for 700 bucks..
3) You will get the latest schweser notes for 2012..
4) Usually they provide both xerox and cd with the whole packa...
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Though it doesnt matter much, but its better to get a feel of new books.. And that would suffice for both attempts of 2012.
And talking of the company, welcome to the cfa mumbai family
We are planning to study simultaneously so tht we keep up the pace.. rest on personal mails.. this 1's gn...
heyy all,, m too planning to give d xm in june 12 although havent registered yet. Planning to start studying from end december or first week of january.
Have got the schweser notes of 2011xm . does it matter much?? i dont wanna buy 2012 material rite now .. (no use if i again buy them and do...
No, they don't take that long. Mine was delivered within 3 Days.
Check with them by calling on this number: 022-26134350 , 26135051, 26104193
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Hi Puys,
I am from mumbai.
Can some1 from mumbai who has taken the latest 2012 schwester xerox copy answer my below queries:-
1) Which is the cheapest option of getting the latest 2012 Schwester Notes CFA 1 in mumbai?
2) a) OM Xerox b) Laxmi stores c) Mahalaxmi book stores.
From th...
Will they take 22 days to deliver within mumbai also?
Thanks for the reply to my previous post,
How much study time will suffice, If I register by 15th feb & study full time for CFA Level-I June 2012??
I am actually appearing for Actuarial Exams from SOA,USA & I have nothing on finance so far.
I am thinking of starting in Mid April, & devot...
hi puys,

I am preparing for L1 june 2012 , anyone from Mumbai do contact me.
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    If you are planning to register by 15 feb, then make sure you have a buffer to swipe atleast 60k.. and 80k after that..
    G!XX3R !!
    I wud say CC is best option with Credit limit of atleast 1200USD.... !! actually depends of exam fee (varies by deadlines). total cost ranges from 700 to 1500 USD..... so if you do register b4 15feb, CC with 1200$ limit is fine :)
    can any 1 tell me what is the convenient mode of payment for l1
    what should be the credit limit of the credit card if i am paying by the card