CFA Level 1 December 2013 Jobs & Careers

This thread is created to give platform to all CFA Level 1 candidates who are going to give exam in December 2013 to share their experience, study materials, problems and others with each other.
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Eduardo Hey. I'm in Chandigarh too. Let me know if I can be of he.... 22 Jul '13.
EdPristine Hi Shiffali, here you need to start practice as soon as p.... 25 Sep '13.
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Just decided to give CFA level 1 this december.. Guys, can anyone clarify my doubt?
I have not registered yet, it says you should be in the final year of graduating while registering. Now my final year classes are starting from 5th of august, I want to confirm if I will be eligible to register...
iimWannabe @Nirmal_Analyst please see through this. 06 Jul '13.
Nirmal_Analyst @iimWannabe you can register for December CFA level 1 ex.... 07 Jul '13.
Calculating Bond Yields in excel
Calculating Bond Yield YouTube
Hi @Nirmal_Analyst i am from engg background and i am planning to give CFA level 1 this december.Will 5 months be enough to prepare for level 1 ??
If you dont get the answer... try shakuni mama's dice....
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    CFA Level 1 Question 11
    DIFC Ltd paid a dividend of $1.3 last year and the dividends are expected to grow at a rate of 5% perpetually. The shares of DIFC are trading at a price of $ 38.5. The cost of capital for DIFC using dividend discount model is closest to
    a) 8.38% b) 3.55% c) 8.55%
    Answer B: Price of Pref share = 980/100 =9.8. Cost of pref share = 0.51/9.8 = 5.20%. Remember Pref share do not attract tax shield.
    CFA Level 1 question 10
    NNC Ltd has 100 mn preferred shares outstanding. The cumulative market value of these preference shares is USD 980 mn. Each preference share pays a dividend of USD 0.51. The effective tax rate of the company is 30% and the book value of these shares is USD 800 mn. The...
    Answer A: Finding market value of debt: Face value of debt = BV of assets €“ BV of equities; 110- 65= 45; Coupon = 4.5%, yield 3.9%. Semi-annual coupon is known. Market Value of debt = 46.22 Market value of debt = $46.22 mn. Market value of equity = $97 mn. Cost of debt = 3.9%, post tax cost of...
    ashu666tosh how did you calculate the market value of debt?. 29 Jan.
    Nirmal_Analyst Coupon = 4.5%, yield 3.9%. book value of debt = BV of to.... 30 Jan.
    CFA Level 1 Preparation Progress Tracker
    We have prepared a worksheet to help you track your preparation for CFA Level-1 December 2013 Exams. This will be useful tool to alert yourself when you fall behind the plans. Please register in the below link, we will email you the worksheet. Note: P...
    @rushikesh90 which topic did you start with? The kaplan and CFA curriculum books are more or less same in terms of simplicity as far as I know. What is your educational background?
    rushikesh90 I have done B Tech in CSE. I have started with KAPLAN not.... 01 Jul '13.
    I have a query.. I am not from commerce background and I want to appear for CFA exam. I bought KAPLAN study notes in xerox , but I am not able to understand all the terms in it. So, should I go for curriculum or I have to study some basic terms from elsewhere? Nirmal sir please give me som...
    CFA Level 1 question 9
    Brigade Ltd currently has total asset size of USD 110 mn. The company's book value of equity is USD 65 mn while the market cap is USD 97 mn. The cost of equity of brigade is 11.2%. The debt of the company is issued as bonds with coupon of 4.5% and has 5 years remaining f...
    Answer C: Remember for calculating WACC one need to use marginal cost of the respective capital. Hence pre tax cost of debt is 7%. Post tax cost of debt is 4.9%. Weight debt post new issue is 42.86%. Hence WACC = 42.86%*4.9% + 57.14% * 12% = 8.96%
    hello guys..last year i appeared for cfa level 1 in DEc 2012 but couldn't clear it.. this year again i m going to appear for it in Dec.i just want to know do i have to pay the entire fees or just exam fees. Do i have to renew my member ship ??pls help
    Nirmal_Analyst that might be in terms updating your professional conduct.... 01 Jul '13.
    leolazer Membership renewal is generally non-mandatory. If you are.... 02 Jul '13.
    Hello All,
    I need a lil advice. I have no finance background and i will be pursuing MBA this year starting August '13. I want to know is it possible for someone with no finance background to clear level1 this dec without any coaching. And if yes which books or course material should I refer? P...
    Nirmal_Analyst @p11v If you are not in a hurry I would suggest you to t.... 01 Jul '13.
    FinShiksha CFA Level 1 question 8
    Farm Ltd has USD 10 mn debt outstanding at a cost of 6%. The company plans to issue new bonds worth USD 8 mn at a cost of 7% which is likely to be subscribed at par. The company's market value of equity is USD 24 mn and book value of equity is USD 14 mn. Far...
    Answer B - 11.09%: Please note the given cost of debt is post tax and hence no tax shield adjustment is required for cost of debt. For calculating WACC market value should be used.
    Where do you think USD-Indian Rupee exchange rate will move in next 1 year
    13 users have answered this question.
    CFA Level 1 question 7
    Bluebay Ltd reported the following in their latest annual report. Value of equity – USD 25.3 million, Value of Debt – USD 9.82 million. The current market cap of the company is USD 38.6 million and the market value of debt is USD – 9.82 million. The company's cost o...
    €‹Answer A: -100,000 * (1+7%)^0 + 42,000*(1+7%)^1+ 42,000*(1+7%)^2 = -24063. At the end 2nd year 24,063 need to be recovered. For the full year USD 34,285 on PV basis will be recovered. 24,063/34285 leaves us with 0.7 years. So discounted payback period = 2 years + 0.7 years
    FinShiksha Certification in Applied Financial Statement Analysis.- Partly Free
    This Online course is spread over 8 sessions and 3 weekends. The first 2 sessions are FREE! you may attend the free sessions and decided about continuing with the rest of the course. If interested please register i...