Career in International Business & How does MBA(IB) help !! Jobs & Careers

Hello friends,

I could not find a thread which describes a career in International Business. Also could not find much info regarding what exactly is MBA(IB) all about. Did go through IIFT threads but still not much info because even if someone raised this issue it got dissolved among other admission related posts.

Friends lets get together and make ourselves clear about this. I will try to get some info from my end but it would be great if we could have some Division of Labour. And Yes seniors and professionals from IB courses can be of maximum help. So I would really appreciate if they help us.

Thanks in advance to all.

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    hi puys..
    i m doing MBA in IB from ICFAI.. plz tell me which industry will be the best to go for in terms of money, growth n travel. Statistics of IIFT 06-08 batch show that marketing was the fav followed by finance..
    what do u puys think abt apparel industry in terms of export n buying ho...
    The notification to IMDR's PGDIT is out..
    Discuss it here :
    Hope that helps,
    ~ Gulshan
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    HI pg junta .Pls guide me about the MIB course at BIMTECH at Greater Noida.Is it worth it and what is its future and the kind of placements it has.
    anymore thoughts , Anyone??
    Same here....I too applied for Kolkata as second option...But, i cant find any mails.......Anyways, i dont bother for such things....I am keeping my fingers crossed....
    Hi iwillmakeit,
    As Far as I know, I went through the IIFT syllabus and compared it with other general management curricula. I found that the subjects are mostly the same, but there is a prefix 'International' attached to most of the subjects.
    SO in my view the IIFT syllabus must be MBA (wha...
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    IIFT placements functional breakup of the batch 2004-06 is given below which surely shows placements in all sectors. But then friends we need to remember that it is IIFT and not MBA(IB) in general. We need to realise what's in the world of MBA(IB) outside IIFT. What about other institutions. What...
    well even i feel IB does not have such a limited scope. Atleast going by IIFT, they say that IB encompasses all aspects of industry with just a particular focus on IB i.e. perhaps globalization related aspects. So, people will have besides normal bread and butter knowledge, as an extra, a firm gr...
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    I had heard that IB is risky as it limits ur options but didn't know that the options will be so limited. I am sure there must be more to it. Seniors ur views. Thanks shilpa for ur valuable inputs.
    hie there
    i am shilpa...i am doing my mba in international business from Pillais Institute of International Business in new bombay. IB is inclined towards shipping and logistics mainly....it is interesting and upcoming...so if u are a SCM guy/gal...(SCM- Supply chain mgmt) then IB is the right...
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