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Hey there Guys!
Waz just curious as to which Software Company in India offers the best Salary for Freshers. Prompted to start this thread after a friend of mine, an MCA fresher, got placed at Microsoft for a whopping 50K per month. This is an exception but wondering what normal mortals like me can expect from our first job.
Here are a few I could find. Corrections and new info welcome...
Triology : 6+ L p.a.

Microsoft : 6+ L p.a.

Flextronics : 36K p.m.

Oracle : 35K p.m.

Motorola : 4+ L p.a.
CTS : 18K p.m.

Wipro : 18K p.m.
Infosys : 15K p.m.
TCS : 15K p.m.
Maybe you guys can help share which among them has a good conversion to Take Home Salary.
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    Guys ...
    Wat abt the fresher engineers who have done their MBAs from B-schools immediately after engg..
    Just a query....
    IBM ==2.4 for ISL and 2.7 for Labs
    GE approx 3
    What i know is that INTEL pays around 3-3.5 lakh p.a.
    ICICI Infotech =3 lakh p.a. (after 6 months training)
    what abt.IBM, GE, ACCENTURE, L&T; Infotech ???? ne1 ????
    I believe google is sending ppo's to ppl who have made it to the final round in Code Craft. 3 of my friends went to bangalore today for the same.
    google 12lpa for development, 8lpa for testing
    Yeah FSS offered 3lpa. Verizon 3.15 and Trilogy 7.5 in our campus....
    In my knowledge Trilogy is the one paying most to freshers... Hav heard sumthing abt Google though!!!
    flextronics pays arnd 22 pm
    induslogic 4.2 lpa
    atrenta 4.8lpa
    mentor graphic 5.6lpa
    stm 4.62lpa(its actually 3.6 coz of sum internal adjustments)
    First of all, Flextronics doesnt pay so much for freshers!!! i got into flex and they are offering just 3lpa...
    btw, Microsoft offered 7.8lpa, Trilogy offered 7, adobe 5.6, kritikal 5.6 etc. etc.
    hey man u forgot one bi company which is adobe india
    adobe takes freshers at 5.67 and is a great company for freshers.....
    start ur own company....returns unlimited...!
    actually reg ur query, work profile and growth is more important than starting salary...further when u r a frsher u wont be able to spend more than Rs10K ..and the rest will only go to bank account.
    reg high salary, u can always earn till 58-60y...
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    i am intersted in salary package for fresher BBA(h) finance graduate....in industry