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haan yar mahendra hi hai.
hey guys, mera friend ne ek po ki coaching join ki hai,
aur wo bol rahe the ki on an aprox sectional are
comp : 20
g a : 13
eng : 7+7=14
quantz : 12
reasoning : 13
and the total of almost 80 marks/250 will fetch you a scorecard.
and they were also saying that 110+ marks wi...
Hello guys m xpecting.175 to 180 in cwe.clerk wat r my chances
abhi bhai u deserve dis respct frm puys nd dis respect is frm heart that v all considr u our own i.e not a formality wali respect.! !..yar apko apna samjh kr respect krte hai sabh...!
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hi puys... i appeared 4 ibps cwe clerk exam 1 session, obc cadiate, my attempts are c/r 45 eng 40 ga 36 qa 28 res 26 total 175/250 accuracy 72%. did i hav a chance...
brother banged the nail on the head with that comment and most of the time it's a farce.
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sir ji aapka interview padhke haste haste pet main dard ho gaya
respect is all i can give you
us marine corps waala salute
But I strongly feel that the salary drawn by a PO is far less than the salary being drawn by a software professional . The pay scale revision for the bank employees is due in December 2012. Let's see whether atleast this time there will be a substantiate hike at par with the rising prices and in...
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I have very little info about the reason Y CSB comes into Pic , but probably it might be for offering salary as per standard PSU employee salary...
Check out CSB salary structure for Po's :
Catholic Syrian Bank Recruitment for 50 PO
Catholic Syrian Bank Probationary Officer (PO) Salary:<...
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Great prediction sirjee..
That's what I feel , we can safely atleast assume the Scale of Salary of JMGS 1 , will be atleast the present pay scale of Scale 2 ( present )..
Here are some links -
Compare Scales of Pay of Bank Staff in all Bipartite Settlements
I am sure U can draw the co...
yaar csb doesnt follow PSU salary structure
But there were foreign banks,do they follow salary structure of PSU banks and catholic syrian bank is also pvt. bank why they follow?
thanks abishek..the info shared is highly appreceatable..for last 7-10 days i was trying to search in net the salary structure for mmg scale 2 but cudn't get any clear picture..now i feel the salary for scale 2 will be inline to that of scale 1 with a basic of 19400 instead of 14500..and the tota...
OMG !! BRo don't give me so much respect , I don't deserve it... I am just an average human being , sharing whatever I feel PO aspirants should need...
Salary presented here may vary from Bank to Bank , often U might not reeive the salary depicted here , coz there are a no of other factors as ...
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Thanx abhisheck sir to provide this useful link,so almost salary is about 30k.
but in the list of banks all banks(psb,pvt,foreign)included then why not icici and kotak?
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Thanx abhisheck sir to provide this useful link,so almost salary is about 30k.
but in the list of banks all banks(psb,pvt,foreign)included then why not icici and kotak?
I receeived innumerable PM's about Salary and Perks enjoyed By Bank PO , I am providing some link ...
Hope U find it useful :
19 other Nationalised Banks
Hope U all find this useful ...
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exactly last yera pattern was:
phase 1 has 4 tests as follows:
1)ga:50 questions 25minutes 80marks
2)english:50questions 25 minutes 30marks
3)aptitude:40questions 25minutes 30marks
4)reasoning:80questions 60minutes 60marks.
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computers ke bhi post karo yaar cwe ke