BANK Probationary Officers aspirants thread part-2 Jobs & Careers

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Bhai exactly same here. exem was in Delhi and interview meerut dal dia. pata ni kya galti kar dali??
When is your interview? mera shayd 17/18 ko h, exactly yad ni..
i only found 2-3 SBI ASSO gdpi exp..
mine is on 3rd
...ppl who already had their gdpi kindly post exp here....am freaking for this first po intrvw..
ppl plzz post ur exp....
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Is BOB online payment working fine or not...????
Any one who has succesfully submitted his form by online payment ???
ya its 3 rd march....my Bad...but iam asking abt the branch code thing..which should i fill in online form....the one given on challan or one given on internet.
Tier 1 - Tier 2 etc are the categorazation done on the basis of the revenue/Buisness/and branch network of any bank..although its not official...
for eg..
BOB/PNB tier 1
Allahabad/Syndicate tier 2
Vijaya/United tier 3 ..
Pay scale of all banks are same....however some allowances ...
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contact the bank branch where u have filled the challan....and explain them the importance of challan copy may be they can provide u with a duplicate challan copy ...before going to bank keep ready the deposit date..and journal no ready with u....
Bro 3rd March is the last date for applying.Dont get confused so much .
They require the original fee reciept against which they can get the money from the bank nothing else..
To get a duplicate copy of the challan/exam fee receipt if you have lost - IBPS Exam Discussions
this may help u
Nahi yaar....it can only be paid at the respective bank...if it were NEFT you could have done so but not in this case...
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Bhai logo any one applied for indian bank....in challan there is CBS branch code...but in online application they want simple branch code...now the CBS branch code(as filled by bank cashier) is numeric one...while the br. code is alphanumeric...(searched on net) ....so what should i fill plz...re...
Bro, I too had doubts regarding it but i filled Branch code from website( it is alphanumeric too)
I Think, If it was through online transaction then U may get print out else not possible....
bad post ...
Bye bye to 29 FEB 2012 will meet in 2016
This 29th feb has given smiles to Cwe clerk aspirants....
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seniors plzzz help as well
HELLO frnds i hv lost my original challan copy .....is there any way out...plz plz help
Welcome to IBPS
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Is the link for CWE PO application printout still active? If yes someone please post it..my friend needs it..
HELLO frnds i hv lost my original challan copy .....is there any way out...plz plz help:banghead: