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hi , every one any one knows about aranca in saki naka , mumbai .
i have a interview for the post of research analyst.
any body knows about it. and interviews steps..??
Hey, can somebody provide information abt interview with Aranca (topics that would be covered). Also, is there any test for aptitude? I already cleared the report writing test. I have got an interview scheduled for Business Research (RA) position.
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Replied to you. Apologies for delay, but I was travelling.
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Hello, I sent you a message 2 or 3 days ago. Please go through it and advise me. Thanks.
Aranca....ooh la la....I began my career there guys !
I am Himanshu. I am interested in aranca research analyst.How can I apply? I have done Economics (H) and have 2.5 yrs of work ex.
waiting for your response ...
Thank You!!
hello i am saurabh ..i am interested in aranca research analyst how can i apply thank you waiting for your response ...
can someone please help with the aptitude test at aranca. what kind of topics are tested. please reply as soon as possible. got an interview on wednesday
what do they ask in interviews?
which topics/areas shd i strenghten on ?
i got interview scheduled at aranca. can someone please enlighten me with the interview process.. i have been told that there will be report writing test.. can someone please tell me what it is.. n how can i go about it.. i want to get into these company.. i am desperately looking to get in here...
Well Aranca as told is a KPO like company, and as research analyst you will get to work on various reports and cases offered by clients coming from various industries.
A couple of our seniors hold some key positions in it and hence it was also a participant in placements @ NIBM this year (you ...
Hi Raj,
I had been to ARANCA a week back and I have got through with them...
Its a research firm providing financial, business and economic research services.
The interview steps are quick:
1. There would be a written test (aptitude and report writing)
2. An interview (if you clea...